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Tools for programmers: 3 platforms to test your skills


Tools for programmers: 3 platforms to test your skills

If in your relationship with technology you want to go from being a mere spectator to being an active part of its evolution, yours is programming. Remember that there is no better age to learn to code. In addition to "traditional" training, there are online platforms where you can practice what you have learned and challenge your knowledge of the world of code. So here are the tools for programmers: 
  • 1. Real Dev
  • 2.myCompiler
  • 3. Coding Game

Do you dare to put your skills to the test with these 3 tools for programmers?

1. Real Dev

This platform challenges you to solve real problems that you might encounter in your daily work.

You can log in with your GitHub account or with your email. After that, you will have access to the list of challenges. At the moment, it has 10 different challenges , taken from real project scenarios.

Once the challenge is selected, you can write the code and submit your solution at any time of the day, and the platform will send you instant feedback.

If you want to measure yourself with other programmers, there is also a ranking that includes the participants with the best scores.


On this platform, you can practice with up to 16 programming languages, including Python, Java, C ++, or Ruby.

The good thing about this platform is its simplicity: it does not require installation or registration, you just have to open the page in your browser and start working.

After choosing the language you want to practice with, a text field will appear to start entering code. You can run it on the "run" button and save it with "save".

3. Coding Game

It is one of the funniest tools for programmers: you can learn by playing more than twenty programming languages ​​(JavaScript, Java, Go, Rust, Python…).

Through gamification, the platform offers you different puzzles and challenges that you will have to solve by writing code.

To give it extra fun, it provides a multiplayer environment where users can battle their code and compete for efficiency.

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