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Tips to improve the checkout process in your online store


Tips to improve the checkout process in your online store

As we discussed in “ How to improve my online store (e-Commerce)? ”, You should make sure to facilitate the purchase process on your e-Commerce website, keep it very simple (short and concise). Tips to improve the checkout process in your online store

Tips to improve the checkout process in your online store
Tips to improve the checkout process in your online store

The 58% of the purchasing process presents the least 3 basic mistakes that add unnecessary hardship to your customers. From the moment the user decides to add a product to the basket and must go to the checkout, avoid making the purchase difficult with large or uncomfortable forms to complete. If the "checkout" process is complicated, the probability that users abandon their shopping cart is high, and the worst thing is that they will end up buying the same or similar product on another website that is easier to use.

3 basic mistakes to avoid in your checkout

1. Design of the checkout page

More than a third of online stores have unnecessary difficulties in the process to complete the purchase, which prevents or hinders the successful completion of the purchase.

If your checkout page is not properly designed, it puts an added and unnecessary burden on customers. What users hope is that the last step of the shopping journey is to click "Checkout" and not have to return to the form to correct basic errors. For example, 12% of websites in Spain did not accept card numbers without spaces, customers should be able to enter card numbers in the way they prefer (with or without spaces) and not run into any errors.

Tips to improve the checkout design:

  • You must indicate errors in the payment details in real time, before customers click "Buy" or "Pay".
  • When there is an error in the form, the error message must be descriptive and specific.
  • Make sure that the purchase form can accept the information saved in the browser to auto-complete it automatically.
  • Automatically displays an icon with the card brand (such as Visa or Mastercard) once the card number has been entered.

2. Optimization of checkout on mobile devices

96% of the checkout processes in the different online stores are properly designed and adapted to mobile devices, but only 12% accept payment through mobile purchase processes such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

More than 50% of e-commerce traffic comes from mobile devices, but the rate of abandonment of shopping carts on mobile devices is twice that of abandonment on computers. Mobile wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay offers a convenient one-click payment experience.

Tips to optimize checkout on mobile devices:

  • Make sure your form is mobile-friendly.
  • Displays a numeric keypad when card data is entered.
  • It offers mobile payment methods like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

3. Internationalization

Many of the checkouts were not translated into other languages ​​and do not offer the most relevant payment methods for International customers.

If you do not translate your purchase process into the language of your customers or offer the most popular local payment methods, it is possible that you are leaving millions of people from neighboring countries out of your market, for example, with the consequent loss of sales that this implies. . For example, only 40% of European payments over the Internet are made using debit or credit cards.

Internationalization tips to optimize checkout:

  • Identify the main countries to which you want to direct your sales and make sure to translate the entire online store.
  • Make changes to the form fields to reflect the correct information for each country. For example, if your form recognizes a UK card, you must dynamically add a field that reflects the UK designation for the postal code (postcode), whereas if the form recognizes a US card, that field must use the term that it is used in that country for postal code (ZIP code).


The basic problems in the checkout process are somewhat widespread, even among some of the most relevant companies in Europe. When you optimize your checkout process, you should take into account these 3 tips that will help you improve your sales process, increasing the conversion rate accordingly.


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