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The best places to find private programming classes


The best places to find private programming classes

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No need for three screens, don't worry! The best places to find private programming classes, Programming, Coding.

Now that you have all the keys to better choose your programming classes, let's see where you can find your ideal teacher through the best sites and platforms that connect teachers and students :

  • Saeed Developer:  there are more than 1,000 teachers available throughout the world to help you program and master this skill. Each teacher has a complete profile where you can see their methodology, their training, and their experience, as well as the opinions of former students to get an idea of ​​the results obtained and the pedagogy. The prices are set by the teachers and vary between $5 and $40 per hour depending on the criteria we have seen before. You can contact as many teachers as you want for free.
  • ClassGap : it is a platform for private lessons online, in which you will learn at your own pace with a teacher. You just have to choose your teacher and learn in the virtual classroom, which has everything you need: videoconferencing, digital whiteboard, document editing, integration with Google Drive, YouTube ...
  • HomEducation : they offer both face-to-face and online classes in advanced computing: CAD design (AutoCad, Solidworks, Catia V5 ...), programming in different languages ​​(C, C ++, Pascal, Java ...), design (Photoshop, Dreamweaver .. .), databases (MySQL ...).
  • Your Private Classes: a platform that has 18 years of experience in the sector and where you can receive private programming classes both in-person and online.
  • Udemy: it is a platform that offers courses in different disciplines. If you put "programming" in the search engine, more than a thousand online courses will appear from only € 14.99, all with a lot of positive opinions.

Other platforms are available for learning to code. Do not hesitate to take a tour of the different options to form your own opinion and find the best possible teacher! The best places to find private programming classes, Programming,Coding,

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