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Side Business Ideas for Programmers


  Side Business Ideas for Programmers

Side Business Ideas for Programmers
Side Business Ideas for Programmers

Software engineers do earn a lot of money in their work. You may also be looking for some way to supplement your salary to improve your live standards. Some programmers may need to take early retirement and still need a side hustle to get cash. Maybe you need to experience the freedom of owning money if you lose your job.

Here are some cool business ideas you may consider.

  1. Dropshipping

It is a model that is trendy and mainly selected for business nowadays. You don't need to invest in the company's building floor and physical appearance. Here you link with the suppliers who will handle the inventory, packaging, and shipping process. When you receive an order, you pass it to the supplier and get some commission. It is the best passive income-generating business since you don't invest in anything.

  1. Start an Internet Business

Being a great entrepreneur does not matter if you're a programmer or not. Using programming skills, you can advertise and sell any programming-related products to people who need them. You can develop a web page, application, programs, etc., ready for market. If you need to improve your income, you also introduce affiliate marketing by involving other related businesses.

Affiliate marketing may seem easy, but you need to be keen on their principles and concepts. You have to undergo training on affiliate marketing, and you need to find a legitimate online trainer. Online reviews should guide you to find legitimate affiliate marketing training resources.

  1. Fiverr

Freelancing on Fiverr is one of the largest online marketplaces. Their services start at five dollars, and you can get involved in marketing, design, writing, translation, music, video, and many more. Fiverr is the gateway for freelancing if you want to use your marketing skills. You can also use other skills to monetize your achievement.

  1. Make Money on Twitch

If you are good at developing games, Twitch is the best place to make money. The websites serve as a site for streaming and watching online gameplay. You need to join the website and purchase twitch viewers to start earning income by offering Twitch premium emoticons, promoting and accepting donations, and serving video ads.

  1. Investing

Saving money is suitable for programmers. Its the simplest thing to do. You deposit your salary into the bank account. Spend some of the money and save the rest. The net worth will increase over time. You can invest in mutual funds or individual stocks.

Start a mobile app development business.

You can start building a website for small businesses or any other company that might need the app. It's essential to have the skills to make any software for the device that people mostly use. There is a lot of money for this kind of business as you can run custom apps without any challenge.

  1. E-commerce

E-commerce is taking over the retail world by selling products online. Mortar retail shops and traditional bricks are going out of business every day. One side income is to grab a piece of this pie and start an E-commerce. Setting up online stores and finding products to sell is accessible with platforms like Shopify.

Setting up the store is not complex, but marketing and selling products are not accessible. You need to be more creative on how to market the products. Having a solid thought will differentiate you from other competitors. It requires work, but if you got it right, it completely replaces your work.

  1. Start a YouTube channel

It is another best site for business ideas. You can create a YouTube channel and video if a visual medium is essential. Many video creators do well on the platform and love creating content. You can do screen recording sessions for tutorials using free cam or Camtasia.

A great idea to monetize the venture is for tutorials you record for any specific products. Obtain an affiliate link for the products by reaching out to the company. You can also pitch them by the video you sponsored.

  1. Offer online courses

The platform of online courses is constantly growing. The growth of this is because most schools and universities are doing online courses. This field will increase because you cannot stop education. You can help the students to fill the gaps they need to complete. You can support people who are trying to polish their skills and learn more.

  1. Design

It specializes in web or graphic design. It commands an excellent rate per project with the right skills that will enable you to sell digital designs and website themes on Etsy. You can also sign up as a designer on 99Designers to sell logos and other works.

  1. Blogging

It is another primary chosen and also favourite online business starting option. It is the first platform for users when asking businesses from them. Blogging helps users to earn enough money. The platform has the power to build an empire and turn ideas into creativity.

There are many ways to earn using blogging, including marketing, ads, sponsorship. It is not only profitable for business, but you can learn a lot of new ideas. If you follow the proper steps, you can earn a lot.

  1. Become a social media influencer

Social media is an integral part of technology that has developed excellently. It is the only environment you can connect with more friends. It's also a platform where you can find more news and people that inspire you. Becoming an influencer is exemplary work if you love sharing things about your personal life.

Here is the place you can share all about your likes on social media. That will make you become an influencer. That might be excellent work from home-based business ideas. All you have to do is find the best program and manifest it to your target audience. It can be coding or any other program you feel like sharing with the other group.


There is plenty of side hustle as a programmer that you can choose to run. What you need to do is research the idea and become well familiar. Today the internet offers endless opportunities to increase your income. All you have to do is grab the opportunity and manifest in it.




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