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Shopping Instagram | Instagram Live Shopping


Shopping Instagram | Instagram Live Shopping

Shopping Instagram | Instagram Live Shopping
Shopping Instagram | Instagram Live Shopping

Last week we introduced you to Instagram shopping. One of the ways to show the products was through Live Shopping, today we go deeper into this topic shopping Instagram or Instagram Live Shopping.

As we told you in the post What is Instagram Shopping? Instagram Live Shopping allows brands to sell products during an Instagram Live broadcast. You can showcase your products, interact with your fans, and collaborate with other brands.

Instagram Live Shopping is available in some countries and for any Instagram Business account.

How to configure Instagram Live Shopping?

Before starting the Instagram live shopping transmission, you must configure the Instagram store and your product catalog, you will find how to do it in the post: What is Instagram Shopping?

Once you have your product catalog, to start your Instagram live shopping experience you must:

  • Tap the camera icon in the upper right corner.
  • At the bottom of the screen it changes to live.
  • Touch shopping.
  • Choose the products or the collection that you want to highlight.
  • Tap the broadcast button to go live!

How can you use Live Shopping Instagram?

Take advantage of intimacy, interactivity and authenticity to make Live Shopping something special.

1. Reveal a new product or collection

If you have a new product or collection, host an event by sharing the details on the live stream. You'll be able to answer your fans' questions and give the launch a personal touch while making your product available for the first time.

Instagram has product launch reminders to help build anticipation and set alarms for people to tune in.

2. Present a product tutorial

Demonstrating how your product works in real-time is a great opportunity for fans to understand what you are selling or to be inspired to make a purchase. You also give them the opportunity to request comments or answer questions while showing what your product does best.

3. Spontaneous transmissions

Instagram Live is real and authentic, surprise your fans with flash sales and surprise demos. They are an opportunity to reward your fans who pay attention.

4. Collaborate with other brands

A live broadcast is an opportunity to cross-promote with other brands or influencers. You can have a special guest organize a live shopping event with a selected collection of your products or offer a special rate to fans of another brand.

5. Question and answer session

A question and answer session on a live stream is one way to help undecided buyers. Because live streaming is an intimate and informal setting, it will build trust with your viewers.


Instagram live shopping is a great opportunity for brands, but remember to balance product-driven and content-driven live streams. Take the opportunity to do live broadcasts of products, in special moments and so your viewers continue to feel curious and enthusiastic when it comes to connecting in live broadcasts, since constantly selling can burn your audience.


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