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Maximize Productivity & Minimize Time-Waste with these 9 Top-Notch Tools for Windows



Maximize Productivity & Minimize Time-Waste with these 9 Top-Notch Tools for Windows

Time management is the ultimate key to your success, as well as a perfect work-life balance. No doubt, you’re working harder and harder every day, but don’t let work occupy all your time and challenge your mental peace and effort every second. Time is money, and the more time you can save, the more you can buy stuff and enjoy your life.

9 Top-Notch Tools for Windows

That’s why the concept of smart work is trending everywhere. You can easily presume that smart work would remain incomplete without the application of productivity tools. As Windows operating system is one of the leading operating systems in the world, we have mentioned productivity tools that are supported by Windows. Because the uses of computer increases and most people use Windows operating system. 


With these innovative tools, you can easily juggle multiple tasks without any mistakes; additionally, you save a lot of time. Let’s check those worthy Windows productivity software.


1.  Microsoft 365

When the Windows operating system and the best synchronization are your priority, no one can beat Microsoft 365. This office productivity tool is one of the leading platforms that most Windows users utilize. According to Laptop Repair Dubai experts, the popularity and usage percentage haven’t diminished for Microsoft 365.


This tool comes with a package of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Thus, you can access all the prime software and keep track of everything you need under one productivity tool. Manage your official documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and emails with the editing facilities, with none other than Microsoft 365.


Moreover, Microsoft has played the latest trick to compete with all the latest office solutions. They have triggered the cloud facility; thus, users can handle their office projects from literally anywhere. So if you want to know complete information then this is the best information on how to add notes to PowerPoint.  In addition, Microsoft 365 has kept the functions simple and even improved some of them. Despite critics, Microsoft 365 is the best-buy option for office employees in the Windows environment.


2.  ProofHub

When it comes to IT employees, the management of projects can be a bit hectic. Additionally, using different platforms for collaboration, editing, and delivering the same project might create chaos inside your system. What about switching to an all-in-one project handing tool? Proof Hub is one of the eminent productivity tools available right now for project organizations.


In case you're working with the core team at the office, Proof Hub is the destination where you can turn on thousands of amenities at a go. As per Laptop Repair Dubai professionals, the user-friendly interface is just the right equipment that you need for a fast-paced office environment. In addition to this, communication with teammates is no more a struggle with ProofHub.


Inside ProofHub and its organized workspace, you can assign jobs to individuals. Additionally, submission of projects and other files is no big issue on ProofHub. Overall, your grip over time management is checked by this application. Further, you can avail built-in access to Dropbox, Outlook, OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Calendar, iCal, Freshbooks, and iCal. So, forget those days of scattered files here and there, and stay connected with ProofHub.


3.  TeamViewer

Well, you have gained the ease to access your important files, presentation with TeamViewer. Additionally, you can successfully connect to the people you need for accomplishing the project within the deadline. However, sometimes, you might need a specific file that resides on a different computer in some corner of the world. How would you get that without any stress? The answer is again TeamViewer.


This powerful productivity tool helps you stay connected remotely to any computer, no matter where it remains. However, this is not the single task that TeamViewer can perform for you. Arranging visual meetings or texting over the video is possible with this application. Share your files and thoughts with this free for a private-use productivity tool.


However, you have to lodge a definite plan or subscription if you want to use TeamViewer for the entire team. Space-sharing with 300 people at once is possible with TeamViewer for the sake of enhanced office productivity. You can additionally record those meetings for future references. Whether you have a Windows-empowered laptop or desktop, TeamViewer is fully compatible with that. Moreover, the same productivity tool is also available for iOS and Android devices.


4.  Google Webmaster and Google Analytics

Needless to say, digital marketing is the new trend to achieve success in any form of business. And, if you’re a Google follower, these are two unzippable tools for your digital/online productivity. This duo is essential for handling all the marketing stuff.


Are you still using a bunch of online marketing tools? Shrug off the stereotypical concept and avail these Google masterpiece tools. Monitor the performance, daily traffic, conversions, and referrals with Google Webmaster and Analytics.


Moreover, you can use these tools online, and they run seamlessly on the Windows platform. You can easily turn your websites Google-optimized and rank them higher with the help of Google Webmaster and Analytics.


5.  DisplayFusion

Are you dealing with multiple monitors? Then, jumping from one window to another is a real struggle. Basically, you are wasting time while making your move back and forth. On the other hand, you can’t avail all the specialties when it comes to the display settings of Windows. Only you can use the mirror function to extend the main screen.


A third-party application named Display Fusion can come to your rescue. This application is perfect for handling more than one monitor on the Windows operating system. Irrespective of the window sizes and positions, you can easily set up your windows. Further, accessing them is as easy as turning on your computer.


Additionally, you can set different screensavers and wallpapers through all the monitors. You can assign a specific taskbar to displays. Elevate your Windows Management system just by developing personalized scripts. So, managing multiple displays at the same time is not a deal anymore with Display Fusion.


6.  LastPass

We are pretty sure that you are not neglecting the security measures on your computer. Following up on all the cybersecurity rules is important as long as you are connected to the internet. However, passwords and multi-factor authentication have eased up the situation.


However, forgetting the passwords would give you a panic attack. And, generating or resetting them would take away some more time, and you have to toggle between devices.


How can you get rid of this situation? Well, things would get way easier with LastPass. Basically, LastPass is nothing but a password manager that can generate strong passwords for you. Yes, you need not waste time while thinking of the trickiest password all time. Apart from generating them, LastPass keeps them in a safe vault. Whenever you want to log into a specific application or interface, LastPass would let you do that automatically.


That’s not the end! LastPass can help you in providing your payment information securely. So, the application is buying you time, and you need not repeat the same task for any digital payment.


Moreover, LastPass permits you to share passwords confidentially rather than relying on simple texts. You can go with either the free or premium version of LastPass. Opt for the Family option and forget the stress of managing passwords for every member of your family.


7.  Hemingway

Are you obsessed with content writing, or is it your profession? Then, we have got an exciting online tool for you. Hemingway Editor is one of the trending tools that worldwide content writers use. Being an online application, your computer doesn’t have to take much load on the system.


However, Hemingway Editor is one of the competent content marketing tools. If you have written something, copy-paste the content on Hemingway Editor. The tool will reflect the Grade of the writing. The lesser the Grade, the better the content is. Additionally, it would point out where you have to work more such as grammatical correction and other readability enhancements. Hemingway Editor is free for use; therefore, it’s an excellent chance to give it a shot.


8.  SaneBox

Let us assume — you’re currently in a loophole of multiple email accounts and chats. The difficulty with numerous email accounts is that you can’t optimally find the required mail that you require the most right now. With SaneBox, email management has become an easy task. SaneBox enters deep down the mailbox to keep track of your emails.


This tool is capable of sorting different emails into specific slots. For example, the application is powerful enough to sense the difference between an official email and ordinary business emails. It simply sneaks into the address book and checks if the sender lies under the business, acquaintance or any other list.


The fun part of SaneBox is that you can help it learn. Yes, you can teach how to sort the emails by providing your feedback. With consistent feedback, it will behave smart enough to categories emails into their definite slots.


9.  Chanty

Have you been looking for a dedicated chatting application for fast and reliable communication? Connecting the entire team on the same conference call and experience call lags are pretty much boring. Whether you are thinking of a one-on-one conversation or a public meeting, Chanty is ready to accept your communication challenges.


Apart from the full assistance in chatting, this tool would let you organize messages, links, files, and assigned tasks. You can install more third-party tools that collaborate with Chanty for an optimized result. Chanty is reliable for sending over voice messages and placing a call, as well.


You can overview the message history as many times as you want. Chanty offers you access to unlimited and free message history. Share your files with the security measures of Chanty and go stress-free.


Some Productivity Tips….

Whether it’s an online or offline application that you are using to enhance your productivity, there are some limitations. Make sure that your computer is clean enough to handle reckless jobs that you will perform on those tools. You should clean your desktop and keep everything organized at least once a week.

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On the other hand, learning some useful keyboard shortcuts would surely save you time. Don’t take on too much workload. Or else, all your productivity and energy would drain out. Set a realistic goal that you can accomplish, and it would automatically boost your confidence.

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