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Instagram Guides | How to use the Instagram Guides?


 Instagram Guides | How to use the Instagram Guides?

Instagram Guides | How to use the Instagram Guides?
 Instagram Guides | How to use the Instagram Guides?

A few weeks ago we explained how to use Instagram Shopping, one of the ways to get the most out of your products was through the Instagram Guides, today we go deeper into this topic by explaining what are the Instagram Guides, and how to use the Instagram guides? with details. 

What are the Instagram Guides?

Instagram Guides offer users a new way to share and consume helpful tips and advice in an easy-to-digest format. It is a versatile format that can be used to share inspirations, tell stories, and provide advice or guidance.

You can choose from three different formats, each format is designed to adapt to the needs of each creator:


It's perfect for sharing location-based recommendations from city guides to restaurants and cafes.


Products can only be used to select product available in an Instagram store.

It's a great tool for brands looking to add additional context or comments to their products that can be purchased on Instagram.


They are used to select an Instagram post thread that you have created or saved with custom headlines and comments.

To create a Guide, touch the "+" at the top right of your profile page and select guides, then you must choose one of the three formats explained above.

To access a Guide of a brand, you must enter their profile and select the Guides icon in the news section:

You can also find Brand Guides through the Instagram browse page. Additionally, Guides can be shared in stories or with other users.

How to use the Instagram Guides?

We show you 10 ways on how to use Instagram guides in your business:

  1. Gift Guide: Instagram Guides are an easy way to repurpose product listings in gift guides for Christmas, Mother's Day, etc.
  2. Compile a list of tips: compile a list of tips related to your brand, in our case, it could be a list of tips on how to use a social network.
  3. Gather publications under a theme: most companies on Instagram offers multiple products and services, reorganize your feed with an Instagram guide grouping related publications.
  4. Create a list: show your most popular posts or recipes.
  5. Share a brand story or message: Create a guide on Instagram telling the story of the brand and its values. They can also be used to break down new initiatives, celebrate milestones, or highlight social responsibility efforts.
  6. Provide step-by-step instructions: If you are one of those who provide advice or instructions on Instagram, put the posts together in a simple step-by-step guide.
  7. Stand out your community: Create a guide to stand out members of your community.
  8. Collaborate with influencers: You can create Guides that present all brand ambassadors, collaborate with influencers to create a Guide for your brand as influencers or micro-influencers.
  9. Share a travel guide: share places of interest, restaurants, accommodations, etc.
  10. Promote causes: For companies that advocate for causes and participate in social activism, they provide a place, to sum up, efforts and share resources.


Instagram Guides create a new way to select and consume content on Instagram, opening up new opportunities for storytelling and e-commerce within Instagram.


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