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Recommended and essential plugins for WordPress


 Recommended and essential plugins for WordPress 

essential plugins for WordPress
Essential Plugins for WordPress

In this article, I will discuss in detail the recommended and essential plugins for WordPress that you should use in your WordPress website. So let's discuss the topic in detail.

What is a plugin?

A plugin is a program that must be installed in WordPress, which helps to improve the performance of this program. The main objective is to facilitate the work of a web programmer, or of someone who wants to detail more personalized functions of their website, in such a way that they facilitate this work because it is not necessary to resort to the use of codes to install said functionalities.

These plugins are becoming more current and more functional, there are many types, free and paid, premiums, these make the WordPress platform much more than a tool for creating blogs.

The installation of these plugins is very simple, but it is very important to bear in mind that their installation consumes many server resources and makes the loading of the web page slower. The best option is to install only the necessary and indispensable plugins, previously verifying what they weigh and how this can affect the web. With the varied offer of plugins that exist, it is advisable to install the only necessary plugins that provide something useful to the web.

How do you install a plugin?

Here is a brief explanation of how to download and install a plugin, it is really very simple:

Step 1.- Inside the desktop of the WordPress main page, click on the Plugins option, which is located in the left side menu.

Step 2.- Click on add new, either from the drop-down menu that appears when clicking on the plugins option or by clicking on the top left of the plugins tab, in which to add new.

Step 3.- When carrying out the second step, a search engine appears, in which it searches for the plugin you need by its name, author, or keyword.

Step 4.- When you have found the plugin you are looking for, check the details to make sure that it is the right plugin if it meets the needs of the page you need, and also if it is compatible with your version of WordPress. When you've reviewed everything, click install.

Step 5.- After installing it, the option to activate appears, it is important to do so so that you can start using the plugin, and so that its functionality begins.

Step 6.- The last step is to access the configuration of each plugin to determine the appropriate settings for each of them since it depends on each plugin and the utility that you want to give it.

Selection of essential plugins for WordPress

Some of these plugins are quite relevant when building a web page, therefore in addition to being very useful, some are necessary for it, it should be emphasized that within these options the essential ones will depend on the main objective of creation of that page, some quite useful options are:

Table of Content Plus:

This plugin automatically generates a table that contains the contents of each of the web entries, based on the H2, H3, H4 tags, etc. That have been used in an entry.

-Contact Form 7:

It is one of the best plugin options for WordPress, it is basic but very useful because it allows you to create and customize different types of contact forms for the web.


Akismet is an anti-spam plugin, one of the most used for its efficiency and popularity. Its function is to filter and block all spam that arrives through comments and the contact form.


It is a very useful plugin for designing the web, it is very visual and easy to use, it contains many resources and templates to be able to implement on the web.

-WP Smush:

This plugin is responsible for reducing the size, optimizing and compressing the images that are uploaded to the web page, automatically. This helps to improve the performance and that the loading speed is not realized by the size of the images. With this plugin, it is easier to focus on other elements of the web without worrying about the weight they may have, and that its result does not affect the optimal functioning of the web.


This plugin is designed to manage GDPR compliance. You simply have to install the plugin and adjust the cookies used by the website and the personal information it requires, enable the option in which users can request access or deletion of their information, establish notifications of information leaks, etc. .

-Rank Math:

A fairly young plugin but that has achieved quite a lot of notoriety thanks to its great features, among them: Clearly SEO analysis, which is its main function, advanced SEO optimization, keyword optimization, etc. It is an excellent option and a fairly complete plugin.

-Yoast SEO:

Its main function is the SEO functions utility for the web, provided by this plugin, it is one of the most used in the field of search engine positioning.

If set up correctly, much of the google positioning can be done.

-Swift Performance:

It is a cache plugin, database optimization, and images that help to load the web in an accelerated way, it is a very good option as well as being a free download plugin.

-WP Rocket:

Also, like the previous one, it is a cache plugin and other functions, which helps to load the page more quickly, this plugin is paid and contains more alternatives to optimize.

As has been explained the main plugins to take into account to create a website, depending on what function it has, some are more necessary than others. Keep in mind that there are some that are essential only for the proper functioning and optimization of the web.


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