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Benefits of WhatsApp Business in your online store


Benefits of WhatsApp Business in your online store

Benefits of WhatsApp Business in your online store
Benefits of WhatsApp Business in your online store

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most used means of communication in our society, with more than 2,000 million active users every month. So as a consolidated means of communication in our country with more than 30 million, we will analyze what benefits it can bring us to improve the sale of your online store. Benefits of WhatsApp Business in your online store

A few months ago we reviewed what WhatsApp Business is and the benefits it can bring to your organization, allowing you to offer personalized attention to your clients or potential clients. In addition, you can use automated messages with chatbots to improve the digital experience, through Conversational Marketing.

Whatsapp Business & e-Commerce

WhatsApp Business is a good tool for managing your online store to improve communication, as long as your e-Commerce does not have hundreds of sales a day and/or you have a large sales team ready to manage WhatsApp Business. If so, let's review the benefits that WhatsApp Business can bring to your online store:

  • You can publish your product catalog: within your company profile there is a section where you can upload your products so that your customers can navigate and go directly to the product file in your online store. Although it avoids saturating the catalog with too many products, since browsing through WhatsApp is not the same as on the web, since it does not allow creating categories.
  • Save predefined responses: You can create predefined messages to answer frequently asked questions from your customers.
  • Classify your customers: Although it is not a great CRM tool, WhatsApp allows you to segment your customers using tags.
  • Broadcast lists: This allows you to create user lists to send the same message to everyone at the same time and have separate conversations.

WhatsApp Business Use Cases in your online store

1. Customer Acquisition

First of all, WhatsApp is communication, so its main use case is to attract potential customers online in a more natural way through a live chat by integrating WhatsApp in your online store. In addition to being able to send proactive automated messages to boost the sale.

2. Buy from WhatsApp

You can also integrate new functionalities/plugins in your online store to allow orders from WhatsApp, such as WhatsApp Order and WooCommerce Live Chat. These solutions allow you to add a separate ordering system to allow customers to order via WhatsApp.

With this solution, your customers will be able to add multiple items to the WhatsApp cart using the "Add to WhatsApp cart" button. Once completed, the order can be sent directly to WhatsApp along with the cart details. With this purpose, it is intended to open a communication channel with the client to help in the sale of the products, so that you can share the information of the cart in a very simple way with your client, keeping WhatsApp as the only communication channel.

3. Incentivize sales

As we have discussed in customer acquisition, you can automate messages, even through the use of a WhatsApp chatbot to help you attract new customers or encourage sales to regular customers by integrating conversational marketing.


The incorporation of WhatsApp Business in your online store can be an opportunity to improve communication, the acquisition of new clients, the improvement of sales or a good incentive tool through chatbots. So if you have the necessary resources to serve your customers through this channel, we believe that you should take it into account in your communication strategy from your online store.


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