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Backend as a service for e-commerce


Backend as a service for e-commerce | Saeed Developer

Backend as a service for e-commerce
Backend as a service for e-commerce

In the last weeks, we have been talking about some technological solutions for your e-commerce. We saw really powerful tools full of possibilities. However, most of them were in some way related to the frontend of your e-commerce. Backend as a service for e-commerce by Saeed Developer. 

What if you are already an online marketer and looking for effective ways to grow your business?

Creating or using a Backend as a Service, BaaS (not to be confused with “ Blockchain as a Service ”, nor “ Banking as a Service ”), can be a solution. This model applied to e-commerce can really mean benefits for your e-commerce application. Let's look together in what way.

But before continuing, a little definition ...

What is a Backend as a Service?

A Backend as a Service, also known as BaaS, is an application development model, based on cloud services, with the aim of providing backend services for web applications and mobile applications.

These services include file storage, cloud data, social media integration, message sending, account management, etc, etc ...

BaaS was born with the goal of speeding up the application development process, but it is also an effective way to reduce application development costs. This is possible because thanks to this approach you have the possibility of transforming the backend capabilities into services, reducing the repetitive development of services, or even selling these services.

This type of service is what makes the existence of the services that we talked about in the previous weeks possible, since with this solution, you do not have to reinvent the wheel whenever you need to create new electronic commerce, or update an existing one.

Your developers and designers will be happier, as they will be able to reuse pre-developed backend features or services, and will only have to write frontend code or focus on user experience design.

What are the benefits of a Backend as a service for e-Commerce?

In short, BaaS solutions can bring many benefits to your e-commerce.

The following are some of them:

  1. Fewer development hours.  Developers do not have to redevelop new generic code for each application, thanks to the ability of BaaS to meet many of the needs of e-commerce.
  2. Link applications between platforms with ease. This allows you to have greater accessibility, improve data exchange, uptime and user experience.
  3. Scalability. You can add new elements and features, using APIs, gradually without your developers having to learn new tools.
  4. Optimization It allows you to use resources more intelligently.
  5. Centralized system.  Increasing operational efficiency (automated), bringing the frontend and backend processes closer together.

BaaS listing for e-commerce

I share with you a list of some of the BaaS existing in the market that can be useful for your e-commerce:

  1. Commerce Layer - Headless Commerce for Global Brands
  2. Elastic Path: Leaders in Headless Commerce Microservices
  3. Snipcart: Add a Shopping Cart to Any Website in Minutes
  4. Voucherify: Promotion Management Software for Digital Teams  

Have you used any of them? Tell us about your experience below, in the comments!


Taking the plunge and transforming your e-commerce idea into a functional application can be scary, but with the right equipment and vendor, and the help of effective models like BaaS, it simplifies the process of turning vision into something functional relatively easily. .


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