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The best YouTube videos to learn to program


 The best YouTube videos to learn to program

Learn programming from scratch
Learning the code also involves relevant content, directly linked to our questions. Mysql, for example! So in this short article, you will learn about the best YouTube videos to learn to program.

MOOCs are great, but nowadays it goes without saying that visual content like videos tends to be more fun and engaging, especially when it comes to getting started programming. Here are some of the best YouTube videos to learn how to code.

Learning to code can be simple. You just need to know how to get help from the beginning! This is why the tutorials found on video platforms like YouTube are a very popular product for young developers eager to learn a new programming language.

Programming learning is not limited to a video, but to a complete sequence, which will allow you to get closer to both the lines of computer code and the algorithms. Being a web developer also means being a bit of geek at heart!

So what are those helpful videos to learn more about coding and get started coding? Here we leave you a small selection, although there are many more:

  • Ernesto's Geekipedia: a complete and educational channel.
  • Easy Code and its videos to learn to program from scratch.
  • Start programming: a channel where you can take your first steps in the programming code.
  • Jesús Conde: this channel offers numerous educational videos to assimilate the basics of programming and programming languages: from HTML to Java ...

YouTube is a platform full of content of all kinds that, although not interactive, allows you to learn Javascript in the same way as traditional computer programming. clever? To program it has been said! At the end of this discussion, I hope you understand these the best YouTube videos to learn to program.

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