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How to improve communication with your client as a developer?


How to improve communication with your client as a developer?

How to improve communication with your client as a developer?

How to improve communication with your client as a developer?

We have been talking for days about communication and how web developers teams, and web developers need to work on communication skills.

These skills, as we have seen in those articles, are not only useful internally, they are also useful and can be the key to your business if you know how to do it with your clients, or potential clients. Today we review 3 simple ways that will allow you to improve communication with your customers.

One of the problems of the Information Age (digital) is the tendency to drown customers in the sea of ​​information, overwhelming them with unimportant details for a context in which they are as busy as we are.

The problem exists many times because you think that everything that is important to you is important to them. But sometimes it can also happen the other way around, times when you think your quirk doesn't interest the customer. It may be because of her that you have been contacted. Have you thought about it?

3 ways to improve communication

The following 3 ways will help you improve communication with your customers and help them solve their problems. Remember above all that assumptions do not allow you to move forward since it is you who assumes a problem that sometimes does not exist in your client's organization. Something else needs to be done.

Be specific about your services

As a web development agency you need to be specific about what your agency offers. It is very easy to fall into the temptation of wanting to offer everything that has to do with digitization , with digital, with digital marketing , with web development, web design, etc ..., because you want to cover the largest number of clients that may be possible. I understand this, but this can distract your potential clients and prevent your business from moving forward.

Clients or potential clients usually do not know what you are talking about and also make their own assumptions. That means that when you tell them that "you do a bit of everything" you make them travel in a world of expectations, that not even the best Netflix screenwriter could write.

"A little bit of everything" is not being specific. If your agency designs web pages, then tell them specifically. If you program websites , do the same.

Take advantage of this moment when you are authorized to give more information about what you do by specifying the type of design you do, or the programming language you use to program web applications, mobile applications or desktop applications.

Some organizations and customers are not looking for generics, they are looking for the perfect supplier for their specific needs. It is also that specific need that will position you - with quality clients - and add value to others, and they will continue to be interested in your services.

I know the brains of the operation

In the previous point we made reference to the assumptions. The point is, you should avoid making assumptions about how much people know - asking and asking the right questions should always be an option - or what they want for their project.

They are hiring you, or have accessed your website, to solve a problem. That is why you should think for them whenever possible. You are the specialist. Therefore, it is a matter of simplification by remembering that people " have a limited reserve of mental energy " and do not want to have to consult a manual or documentation to use your website.

Your website and each of its aspects should focus on design, usability and remember that your client - the person who consults it - is a human . Simplicity is also the key, and it is up to you to make sure your website visitor does not spend all their resources of mental energy on unnecessary things. Only in this way will they return to your website and can become customers.

Promote yourself "out of the box"

How is your business different from your competition? How are your marketing strategies? To communicate effectively, your business cannot make general assumptions, as your customers are no longer just looking for a website, an APP , a logo or a brand identity. In fact, they can do it with the different tools that currently exist on the web.

If "thinking outside the box" is important, "promote yourself outside the box" too. It is to find a balance between not drowning the client in information and thinking for him in an innovative and creative way to obtain solutions to the problems that he does not yet know he has . They want to improve their business and a generic solution does not work for them. In the same way that you do not want to be considered a generic company.

In addition, just as you want to position yourself correctly in the market, you must know how to transmit this information to your clients because they also want to position themselves correctly in their sector.

Therefore, you must be transparent - without intrigue - so that your clients see in everything you present that you are unique, ensuring that you are communicating the value that your agency is really bringing to each client and to the market.


I am convinced that assumptions inhibit innovation , and it is that assuming that you already know the responses of clients, or potential clients, without doing the empathy exercises , which allow you to understand them, the probabilities that they want to work with you are reduced, or if they already work, the chances of them repeating or recommending your agency to others are reduced.

Therefore, in order for you to have more opportunities to innovate and grow, improving customer communication must be a priority. In this process it helps to be specific - what do you sell exactly? Be the brain - do you think to simplify usability? And promote yourself "out of the box" - do you think that no one is interested in your peculiarity?


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