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9 Benefits of Managed Website Hosting for Business


9 Benefits of Managed Website Hosting for Business

9 Benefits of Managed Website Hosting for Business

9 Benefits of Managed Website Hosting for Business

Most businesses today have advanced to use technology. Here you have to take your business online, which means you have to provide good online services to your clients. With the tremendous growth of web hosting services, small business entrepreneurs take the advantage to build a comprehensive online presence.

Suppose you project a lot of ideas like sharing massive videos and other media files. It would help if you enquired about custom servers and upgrades that are most beneficial for the suitable performance of your site. If you want to build a presence on the internet you need to be on social media. For instance, if you want an Instagram presence you can consider getting  Instagram followers for better sharing of your content worldwide.

What Is Managed Hosting Service?

It's a service where hosting takes control over your sites and maintains your needs. The services offered exempt you from any technical task needed to complete like; configuring the servers, data backup, security, etc. It's important to entrepreneurs since it allows you to focus on the stuff you're good at in business.

You get managed services in two levels that you can choose from to advance your website.

1)      Migrations Level

      Manage Simple

      Server Backup Restoration

      Server performance reports

      Proactive monitoring

2)      Intensive Level

      Hacking Recovery

      Server performance reports

      Server virus scanning

      Complex Migrations

Here are some of the benefits of managed web services.

  1. Lower Your Operation Cost

There is some hidden cost concerning unmanaged hosting services. To avoid any unnecessary expense, you need to hire database admins, system admins, and other staff to help you manage your servers. When all the services on your website are addressed, you can now invest in other customer relationships since no additional cost is required.

  1. Managed Database

It goes in hand with managed storage but requires skills and experience as a Database Administrator compared to generalized system admins. It would help if you employed DBA, software, and service consultants to design the best database system that fits your business needs. Managed Hosting Service companies have DBAs who have experience in SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle. When you visit this company, you find this experienced personnel for your website needs.

  1. Server Customization

To get the services of a managed hosting solution, you have to consider complete customization of your site. Most of the companies that provide website hosting services are open to clients on an individual basis to ensure each server needs to be built for better services. It would be best if you had all the solutions to advance in your mind as you set yourself for the services.

Most of the managed website hosting companies build customized servers with specific storage. You need to plan and get the best services in terms of smooth loading times and reliability with ease any time support, anytime, every time clients access your website.

  1. Real-Time Server Monitoring

You may be busy managing your services and failing to monitor your server, putting you at potential risk. You may not have the knowledge, time, and resources to watch your server day and night. When you see these services relegated to a hosting company, all the services are monitored 24/7, onsite, and remotely.

  1. Backups

With the assistance of managed hosting, you need not worry about losing your data. All your information is backed up automatically and securely. Your reliable web hosting handle has DR strategies to retrieve your data in case of a loss.

When you don't get managed, you will not back your data efficiently and probably lose some. If you lose the information, you will be responsible and know the measures to take to prevent such losses from happening in the future.

  1. Stronger security

Security is the priority since customer data and all your content is on the website. Any organization sets this as the key to everything since when you have weak security, you are prone to cybercrime. It would be best if you considered the following;

      Spam Filtering.

      Scanning for viruses.

      OS updates.

      Run security audits.

      Configuration of software firewall

When you employ managed website hosting, you are assured of strong security in your website. The host will get you advanced tools and broad experience of the system engineers responsible for security issues. After that, they will be able to detect specific vulnerabilities and prevent attacks on your site.

  1. OS Management

More than just handling the server's operating system is included in managed web hosting. It also entails the delivery of other vital services. Database administration, for example, necessitates the skill of database managers rather than general system administrators.

Managed hosting companies offer database maintenance services to ensure that the server and website run smoothly. You'll work with experienced database managers who have the necessary skills to maintain and expand your database ecosystem.

  1. Advanced storage

The storage of a website in any organization does change from time to time. The amount of space needed does increase daily as compared to previous years down the line. Getting the balance of your storage requires specific technical skills and commitment to your site.

Having mastered storage means you have to outsource your storage needs and to a managed services provider. It's essential to your website to reduce the cost of buying and administering storage services.

  1. Faster sites and better performance

After choosing your managed hosting web package, you need to avoid sharing your server with others who host websites. Since shared hosting is cheaper and quicker to set up, it comes with its limitations, like slow loading times, which might hinder your work performance.

Having a managed hosting gives you the solution as you grow and expand your business. When everything is set and you have a good running of your business, it will keep your visitors come back since they don't face any frustration concerning your services.



You have noticed that a managed website host is better than a shared one with the information mentioned above. Some businesses that do use shared hosting haven't explored the benefits of managed hosting. We hope that the information provided in this article will help you take your business to the next level.

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