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8 agile tools for project management



8 agile tools for project management

agile tools

The agile methodologies are applicable to any type of company and project. By putting the user at the center, they enable teams to respond quickly to changes, thereby saving time and reducing costs. 8 agile tools for project management

The key lies in knowing how to break down the different phases of the project and distribute them among the members of a team based on collaboration, which shares information and knowledge to develop each project successfully.

There are tools that facilitate the implementation of agile methodologies, and help teams to organize and control workflow, streamlining processes, and increasing productivity.

Although there are many alternatives on the market, we leave you a selection of some tools that stand out for their ease of use and versatility.

These 8 agile tools make it easier for you


Taiga is an agile, open-source project management platform designed for multidisciplinary teams, with which to handle both simple and complex projects, from any industry and sector. Highly intuitive and customizable, it allows you to track the progress of a project, using Scrum, Kanban, or both methodologies.


It is one of the simplest tools. Based on Kanban, it visually organizes workflows into vertical columns to which the various stages of the project can be assigned. Through a system of boards, lists and cards, it offers the possibility of prioritizing and moving tasks according to their status (pending, in process, completed…).


Jira is geared towards workflows and incident management. It allows you to organize the stages of a project, assign them to each member and follow their development as a team.

It is one of the most customizable tools : it can be integrated with more than 3,000 applications, adapting to each of the use cases.


Slack favors fluid communication and enables the sending of information in real-time. Organize conversations into channels, which can be organized by projects, topics, or teams. Create groups work so independently and room common to see any need for the organization.


It combines project management from start to finish, with communication in real-time, being able to set objectives , assign them a time and priority, and view the process in calendar mode . Convert common processes into templates so teams can carry out projects more efficiently.

Active Collab

Know at a glance what phase each project is in, how much budget has been allocated, and if there has been any traffic jam in the process. Each member of the team knows what to do and when to deliver their tasks , allowing those responsible to control whether the objectives are met.

Azure Boards

It uses the Scrum approach to help teams in the execution of the sprints, and the Kanban methodology to continuously monitor pending work.
It allows you to create customized dashboards based on the needs of the teams, and obtain conclusions with analysis tools.

Planning Poker

Based on the Scrum methodology, this tool is developed with the idea that team members give their opinion to estimate the effort of developing each task . To do this, use numbered cards with a Fibonacci series (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ...). The higher the number, the greater the probability of making a mistake in the estimate.
Although the tools serve as support in the implementation of Agile, this methodology implies a change of mentality that goes beyond the mere use of the tool.

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