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5 Ways to Use Mobile Marketing: Microsoft Tag


5 Ways to Use Mobile Marketing: Microsoft Tag

5 Ways to Use Mobile Marketing Microsoft Tag
5 Ways to Use Mobile Marketing Microsoft Tag

Similar to QR Codes, Tag is a 2 dimensional barcode that engages customers in real-time by providing access to resources through the means of text, URL links, phone numbers, or SMS. Microsoft has created its own customized code, Tag, which has a distinct appearance from other barcodes. QR Codes use black and white squares to generate an image, whereas Tag uses colorful triangles that are fully customizable in color, pattern, and size. These patterns can visually enhance the message your brand is trying to send to consumers all while providing a convenient link to relevant information via the mobile web.

What else sets Tag apart from QR Codes? Microsoft claims three main differences when it comes to distinguishing their product: consistency, built-in metrics, and dynamic Tags. Firstly, Microsoft Tag has a single reader and generator in order to provide a consistent experience for customers and businesses. Secondly, Microsoft provides built-in metrics that measure your Tag's effectiveness and provides information including how frequently your Tags are being scanned, and where the Tags are being scanned. Finally, Tag allows you to change the information or data linked to your specific barcode. In this way, you can update your Tag as frequently as you please without having to provide and distribute a new code for customers. This will point customers in new directions as often as you feel necessary.

Create and Download Tag

To create your own Tag, you will need a Windows Live ID to get started. Don't let this hinder you, IDs are easy to make and you can use your existing email address to create one. Once you have an ID, click here to sign in and get started. After you've signed in, click on Create Tag. You'll be able to choose between linking a URL, app download, free text, vCard, or dialer to your Tag. To further customize your Tag's colors, check out Microsoft Tag's bloghere for step-by-step instructions. After printing and distributing your Tag, sign back into the Tag Manager and click the Reports tab in order to track where Tags have been scanned, and the total number of scans. The Tag Reader application runs on all major phone platforms including iPhone and Android. You can also distribute your Tag on social media to reach more potential customers. If you want to maximize the effect of social media, use SocialWick to get the attention of more people.


Implementing Tag Into Your Business

Microsoft Tag can be used in all types of businesses for all types of purposes. Here are a few examples of how industries are utilizing Tag:


        Connect to an online interactive experience by linking readers to multimedia content or information about the author

        Link magazine articles to online breaking news in order to keep readers updated about certain topics in between issues

        Add value to advertisers in all forms of publications by providing coupons or store locators for customers in print publications


        Produce dynamic coupons for customers that can be changed based upon redemption rates

        Post in-store Tags providing in depth product information and comparison for shoppers

        Test promotions by analyzing the effectiveness, interest in consumers, and response to different ads through Tag's built in metrics


        Transit passes linking customers to balances, coverage, and expiration information, as well as a way to add value to the pass

        Post Tags on seat backs of public transportation providing information about the current stop and upcoming points of interest

        Link transit stops to Real-time information about routes and current traffic

Real Estate:

        Highlight important selling features including appliances and security systems

        Link floor plans to print materials using customized barcodes

        Place a Tag on sale signs linking to virtual tours, information about homes, and more listings in the area


        Add interactivity to exhibits by posting a Tag linking to extra information

        Encourage involvement from visitors by having to scan a collection of Tags throughout the area for a prize

        Link band fliers or posters to music links or local showtimes

These are just a few of the ways companies use Tag around the globe to expand businesses and spread information.

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