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5 strategies to improve your online store in 2021


5 strategies to improve your online store in 2021

5 strategies to improve your online store this 2021 will be discussed in this article. We all know the consequences of 2020, a year that few will forget. A recent IBM study concluded that the pandemic accelerated the adoption of e-Commerce in five years and that spending on online stores increased by up to 30%.

5 strategies to improve your online store in 2021
5 strategies to improve your online store in 2021

As e-commerce continues to grow, your website must continue to innovate and grow, not only in products, logistics or design but also mainly in technology and marketing, which are the tools with which you can distinguish yourself from your competition.

That is why I share with you some of the best strategies that you can apply to your online store during 2021, in order to increase your market share, increase your sales and continue to prosper in 2021 and flourish in 2022.

5 strategies to improve your online store this 2021

1. Collect more emails

Email is the only marketing channel that you fully own and control. Unlike social networks, there are third-party algorithms and regulations that influence when promoting your products.

Currently, there are more than 4 million people who use email vs the 2.7 billion users of Facebook. Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

The email has an ROI of 38: 1 , which although not surprising, it is considered that 91% percent of the population wants to receive promotional emails from companies they like.

Most importantly, email generates three times more requests than social networks and with an average value of 17% higher. That is why growing (or starting to build) your email distribution list is perhaps one of the most important marketing strategies for your online store.

2. Send emails every day

Although it seems like a lot or unnecessary, you should send emails almost every day to your distribution list, and especially daily to customers who have recently interacted with your online store. Communications can be promotional, with information of interest to your audience or automated emails from your online store, emails such as cart abandonment, welcome new customers, thank you for the first purchase, sales monitoring for regular customers, reminders of restocking if you know the interests of your client, among many others.

3. Simplify the purchase process

As we review in the article; Tips to improve the checkout process in your online store. The basic problems in the checkout process is somewhat widespread, even among some of the most relevant companies in Europe. When you optimize your checkout process, you should take into account these 3 tips that will help you improve your sales process, increasing the conversion rate accordingly:

  • 1. Design of the checkout page
  • 2. Optimization of checkout on mobile devices
  • 3. Internationalization

4. Incentivize your regular customers

Regular customers are the lifeblood of your online store, apart from being the most lucrative customers, they are the ones who are most likely to recommend your online store to new customers. So you should think about creating an incentive program for frequent customers, such as a VIP program, offering personalized attention, or any other incentive.

5. Improve your product pages

Taking care of the detail in each case in the online shopping process is important, every little gesture counts and will allow you to uncheck your competition. That is why it is essential to continuously evaluate the user experience in your e-Commerce since it is directly related to income.


Never stop improving. The world of e-Commerce is constantly evolving and your competition knows it and has no borders, just as you do not have borders with your potential customers. Stay up-to-date to always stay one step ahead, paying special attention to the technological and the marketing part of your online store to position your online store in your sector.


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