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5 prototyping tools for designers in 2021


5 prototyping tools for designers in 2021

5 prototyping tools for designers in 2021
5 prototyping tools for designers in 2021

If you want to create prototypes for your UX or UI designs, you should know that there are different proposals on the market that will help you simplify your work as a designer and that of your team as developers of digital products. 5 prototyping tools for designers in 2021

In today's article, I share 5 of the most used tools on the market that allows designers to develop interactive models for designs and products.

What is a prototyping tool?

A prototyping tool is a tool that can help you develop a product more quickly and effectively. A prototype allows you to demonstrate your interactions and ideas, changing the way you design.


The sketch is a prototyping and user interface creation tool used by millions of designers worldwide. The sketch was developed for Mac OS, but thanks to its plugins, you can add flexibility and import/export designs for other tools, such as Origami.

It is a vector-based tool with an intuitive interface to edit styles, templates, and other important features for your design, with high quality, and in a short time.

Origami studio

Origami Studio is a free design tool developed by Facebook and available for Mac OS. Origami lets you quickly create and share interactive user interfaces. It's an all-in-one that helps you design, animate, and prototype.

Origami is a tool with some importance in the market since it has contributed to the birth of applications such as Messenger and Twitter. Its native components allow you to create sophisticated prototypes. Origami is free.


InVision is one of the tools, to create prototypes, most used by designers and organizations in the current market. It is compatible with different types of files and its " click and drag "functionality gives you efficiency and high fidelity prototypes.

In addition, it allows you to see design changes and feedback in real-time, which helps you improve collaboration on your projects. Envision is used by brands like Spotify, Amazon, or Netflix.

Adobe XD

" There is an Adobe application for it " - I have read out there. Therefore I can not stop referring to one of these applications: Adobe XD.

Adobe XD is a popular all-in-one UI / UX design tool that wants you to "tell your story with designs that look real." It allows you to create wireframes, animations, prototypes, website designs, web applications, games, and collaborate with your teams in real-time.

Available for Mac OS and Windows, it allows you to easily integrate with other Adobe products, including the Creative Cloud Suite.


Like Adobe XD, Figma is another of the latest prototyping tools on the market. It is an all-in-one solution with functionalities that allow you to collaborate - " where teams design together" - from the first moment. Figma is easy to use and has plugins that allow you to add additional features to the tool.


To conclude, these are just some of the tools that provide solutions to current problems. It is important to remember that the tool does not do the job. Creative thinking will always be your part of the job so that the tool becomes your ally, not the other way around.


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