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12 communication terms you should know


12 communication terms you should know

12 communication terms you should know

12 communication terms you should know

We continue our series on “ terms you should know ” and today's topic is about communication . It is no secret to anyone that communication and good communication skills are the key to the success of any project. However, there is some jargon that is not always clear to the recipient .

The use of these terms is correct when everyone on the team knows what they mean. In this article we will go over 12 of these communication terms and their meanings.

The goal is not to get lost in the conversation, and to make it easier to discuss your new project to improve productivity and avoid misunderstandings.

1. Communication

Is there anything better than starting with the term "communication" itself? Communication is the process by which human beings respond to verbal / non-verbal behavior.

It is a human survival skill necessary to relate to the world.

2. Ambiguous answer

An ambiguous response is a disconfirmation response with more than one meaning, leaving the other party unsure of the position of the person being questioned.

3. Articulation

Articulation, articulate, is the process of correctly pronouncing all the necessary parts of a word.

4. Climate

Climate is the emotional tone of a relationship as expressed in the messages that your collaborators send and receive.

5. Communicator

The communicator is the speaker, writer, or some kind of signaler.

6. Hearing

The audience is the listener, reader or viewer.

7. Message

The message is the content of what is to be communicated.

8. Channel (of communication)

The channel is the medium through which a message passes from the sender to the receiver .

9. Context

Context is the setting (set of conditions) in which communication takes place.

10. Concise

Be clear and brief.

11. Communication barriers

A communication barrier is anything that causes difficulties during the communication process.

12. Feedback

The feedback is the information returned on the message.

Do you use other common terms that you think are important? Give us your feedback below!


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