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10 terms about Digital Marketing and Copywriting


10 terms about Digital Marketing and Copywriting that you should know

10 terms about Digital Marketing and Copywriting
10 terms about Digital Marketing and Copywriting

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you will agree that sometimes we use some type of vocabulary, almost always in English, acronyms or acronyms, difficult to understand without consulting Google .

Many of these words are related to Digital Marketing and copywriting.

Disciplines that are sometimes confused, because to be a good copywriter a person needs to know marketing , at least the basic concepts and on the other hand there are no arguments, to do marketing and then sell a product or service you cannot do without the copywriter .

So, what are these terms, jargon, that it is advisable to know to always know what is being talked about, by clients, suppliers, collaborators, in your new Digital Marketing campaign, and not die trying? This is what we will see in today's article.

Landing Page

If you have asked an agency to do a Digital Marketing campaign for you, it is very likely that they have prepared a landing page for you .

A landing page ( landing page , or landing page ) is a web page where traffic "lands."

This means that it can be any web page on your website, but when we are talking about " landing page ", we mean web pages that are used for the purpose of converting visitors into leads .

On this page, usually, some valuable free resources are provided for the visitor that can go from a checklist , or a guide , in exchange for their contact information. Usually the email .


You have seen it in the previous point. The term lead is used to refer to a potential customer in sales , whether you have had contact with him before or not.

In digital marketing , when you talk about a lead you are referring to anyone who has provided you with the email or you can follow up by email, phone or another channel. Good marketing usually be called generating leads .


The first acronym in this article is one of the most important in Digital Marketing and Copywriting. A CTA (Call to Action) , or call to action in Spanish, is the specific and desired action that you want your prospects to take .

This action can be to register to a newsletter , to a mailing list, to buy your product, to click on a link or to leave a comment.

Remember to design a clear and concise CTA for each step of the marketing funnel !

Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel is the complete marketing campaign and systems that are used to attract visitors to your website , convert them into leads and stimulate them to make a purchase decision.

Case Study

Case study can be one of the terms that are best understood because they are used in other contexts that you are used to.

A case study is a public analysis of the work done by a company for a client , highlighting goals, processes and results achieved by the client.

The case study, among other things, involves interviews, product or service analysis, and they are good ways to build trust and authority because they show tangible results.


CTR ( Click-Through Rate ), or click-through rate , is the percentage of people who see and click on a link or button. The link can drive traffic to your website, your YouTube video, or a Landing Page .

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate , or percentage of conversions, is the percentage of users who really follow your CTA and take the desired action. They usually refer to leads .


The ROI , return on investment , is one reason that evaluates the profitability of a marketing effort by measuring revenue compared to cost. The higher the ROI, the better, as it means that you have gained more than you have lost.

A / B Testing

A / B Testing , or A / B Test , or Split Testing is the process of testing two variations of a specific item, keeping everything else the same, to determine which version creates a better long-term result .

A / B testing allows you to drive the profitability and conversions of a marketing campaign. The idea is that you can perform split tests of all the elements of your campaign, such as email subject lines, headlines, web page design, buttons , etc ...

Content Marketing

Marketing content , or content marketing is not just about producing content. It may be one of the terms most related to copywriting .

It is a strategic approach that focuses on the constant creation and distribution of valuable, high-quality content, across multiple platforms.

The ultimate purpose of content marketing is to attract, engage and convert a specific audience, in addition to driving a desired action in which you need to know how to write.

Within content marketing you can find elements such as: blogs , social media posts, YouTube videos , newsletter emails , or content generated by your users.


There are many more Anglicisms referred to in this article that we have not defined, because I think they are familiar to you, and others that we have not talked about, but that are also part of your day to day. Comment below about your experience with them!


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