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What types of web pages can be made with a web builder?


What types of web pages can be made with a web builder?

What types of web pages can be made with a web builder?
What types of web pages can be made with a web builder?

I don't know about you, but I've never liked programming. I have tried, but there has been no way. Although I still wanted to have a website, especially to share photos and posts.

In the end, this need to find an easy-to-use web builder tool led me to the first website builder  I used, Weebly . This was in 2009 and since then the popularity of these programs to make web pages has multiplied.

I created WebsiteToolTester to help beginners like you (and me!) Find an easy way to make their own website. The funny thing is that for a long time we used the Webnode web builder  to manage our website. But when it grew to over 200,000 monthly visitors and 7 different languages, more than any web builder can handle, we switched to WordPress

However, we continue to use web builders like Wix , Weebly,  and Jimbo  for some of our own projects.

Tip # 1 : Have you taken a look at our smart search engine? You only have to answer 5 questions and we will tell you which solution is the most suitable for your project. Give it a try .

What types of pages can be made with a web builder?

The great thing about website builder programs is that they have templates for different industries (take a look at these templates from Wix , for example). You just have to choose the one you like the most and add your own text and images. You don't have to start with a blank page, so it's easy to achieve impressive results in no time.

These web solutions are perfect for small businesses , portfolios , photographers , online stores , blogs , restaurants and hotels, as well as clubs and associations.

On the other hand, web pages that need to have a database (such as real estate apartment listings or job vacancies lists) are not so easy to create. It is necessary to use other types of tools and dedicate more time. The best option in this case: WordPress .

And, answering a question that I get asked a lot: No, web pages as complex as Airbnb, eBay or Facebook are totally out of the reach of these types of tools. To make a website of this type you need to hire a team of programmers and marketing experts.

Tip # 2 : Here's a table of the best web builders, from best to worst. You can also visit our specific analyzes if you want to know which are the best online store creators  or read more detailed information about WordPress .

So what are the best web builder programs and which ones should you avoid?

A note about prices: they are normally charged on an annual basis.

Tip # 3 : You can also see a table where the programs are compared for each important aspect, side by side. Check our comparator .


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