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Online Free Screen Recorder : All you need to know about free screen recorder


Online Free Screen Recorder: All you need to know about free screen recorder 

online free screen recorder
online free screen recorder

The screen recorder plays an important role in recording the activity done on any digital screen. It is very helpful for the Youtubers because they can give a detailed demonstration with the help of the screen recorder to the viewers. Online Free Screen Recorder all you need to know about free screen recorder 

The main purpose of the online screen recorder is to record the whole activity displaying on the screen. If you are facing any problem regarding mobile phone or computer system, then you can take an expert idea from a video in which screen is shared with you and every single step is explained in detail.

If you are a gamer, then a recorded video of the gameplay might help you to complete your level. And a detailed tutorial is only possible through a complete screen video in which each step is explained.

There are many types of screen recorder which are easily available on the internet. Different screen recorders come with different features. Every screen recorder holds its recognization with its unique feature which attracts the users to use it.

Many different free screen recorder might you have already used them but you faced some problems while using them. Therefore, here is a little review on the best screen recorder with audio.

This article will discuss “IObit Screen Recorder”.

Online free screen recorder the IObit Screen Recorder

IObit screen recorder is the most renowned screen recorder among the Youtubers, bloggers, or whatever. This application is much famous and popular due to its key features that which is a free tool for recording screen video and without any watermark.

Another amazing fact is that all features are accessible for free. Every application holds its unique position in the market due to its some salient and useful features. Therefore, some attractive and unique features are discussed below.

In the IObit screen recorder, you have a full choice of selecting the area on the screen for recording a video. This option can be used easily. It’s up to you whether you select a full screen for recording or only a limited area on the screen. This will saves your time because you don’t have to stuff your head in video editing.

Another useful feature is that it offers an audio recording option along with recording a screen. In this case, you don’t have to spend your time editing and adding audio after recording. You can perform both tasks that are recording audio and video screen at the same time which makes recording easy for you.

IObit screen recorder provides you the facility of recording a video in HD quality. High quality enables the viewers to get everything clear. YouTubers mostly prefer the IObit screen recorder for recording their tutorials because it allows HD recording with the minimum usage of CPU.

As you are already familiar with different video formats. Some devices or computer systems don’t allow some specific type of format of a video to play. But this application offers different formats for recording a video. And also there is a plus point that is it allows its users to convert a recorded video from one format to the other easily, with the help of a single click on the screen.

If you have recorded your video and you feel that some changes should be done for a more effective video than IObit screen recorder is the best remedy for this type of situation because it allows you to edit a recorded video which saves the time of the user as you don’t have to make it from the start.

In short, the IObit screen recorder is the best option for recording a screen video with full options and flexibility. Online Free Screen Recorder all you need to know about free screen recorder 







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