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Who uses Python? Discover the companies that use this language


Who uses Python? Discover the companies that use this language

Who uses Python

Are you pondering the idea of ​​training as a Python programmer but have doubts? Relax, it's completely normal. Today there are hundreds of programming languages, and there is a lot of competition in the industry. Do you want to know who uses Python? Discover the companies that use this language and reserve a place in our programming course so that you can send them your curriculum vitae as soon as possible. Ahead!

Python, the chosen one

Python is a multi-paradigm programming language, as it supports object-oriented, imperative programming, and, to a lesser extent, functional programming. It is an interpreted, dynamic and multiplatform language.

Python is highly praised for its elegant syntax and human-readable code, if you are just starting your programming career, Python adapts to your needs.

Python has a wide range of uses. From data processing to machine learning. For this reason, Python is chosen as the programming language of many companies and organizations. Let's talk about them.

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Who uses Python? Large companies that use it

Here are some of the top international companies that use Python in their technology development:


Did you know that Python is behind the photos you share on your Insta? And Python is the perfect language for Instagram since it is easy to develop, very simple to manage, and is perfect for the large volume of visits that Instagram receives daily.

Python is a very friendly language that allows you to focus on the user experience.

The popular social network Instagram has scenes great work done by specialists in Python and much of the primary code has its roots in the popular language of the snake.


The web platform engine is completely written with the Python programming language.

This incredible platform that serves many day by day to find inspiration and ideas for projects is developed with Python.


Are you also staying in the cloud? You should know that almost 100% of the Dropbox code is written with Python, being used in the Desktop client and in the application, the latter being recently migrated to Go.

It is also used in web controllers. This ensures that Dropbox works perfectly, on any operating system thanks to Python.

Battlefield 2

Yes, yes, the video game, the one in which the battle is in the first person, where the player takes control of different war teams and vehicles to carry out missions, launched on the market in 2005. Well, where you see it, it is fully developed with Python, from the game engine to part of the animations.


BitTorrent is better known as an "exchange protocol" and is very popular in different types of information circles. It also allows you to save the information that is being downloaded without fear of losing it. Pausing the download does not lose data, as it usually happens when downloading with the browser.

What's so special about BitTorrent? Which has been completely created and designed with Python. It is a living testimony of how efficient and powerful this language is for the development of large projects.


According to a 2016 Facebook post, Python is currently responsible for multiple infrastructure management services. These include using TORconfig to handle network switch configuration and images, FBOSS for white box switch CLI, and using Dapper to schedule and run maintenance tasks.

Spotify loves how fast the development process is when writing and coding in Python . The most recent updates to the Spotify architecture have all been using gevent, which provides fast event looping with a high-level synchronous API.

Panda 3D

Panda 3D is an open-source game engine with graphics and sound for creating 3D games. It is developed with Python and C ++, but Python has made it recognized as an efficient engine that allows the creation of games with advanced quality.

Google App Engine

Google App Engine allows the creation of web and mobile applications, connecting with cloud services such as Google Cloud and having quite efficient and professional results.

It bases part of its code on the language of the snake, but something remarkable, among one of the most popular options it has for development, is Python, allowing the use of frameworks for the construction of scalable and high-volume sites.


Netflix uses Python to automate tasks, to explore data and cleanup, along with other visualization uses. Another great area where Python is essential in training for machine learning, in recommendation algorithms, algorithms for the choice of art that shows or marketing algorithms. In general, being intuitive to solve network problems, the key to using Python on Netflix.


You can literally freak it out because the National Aeronautics and Space Administration uses Python in a large number of applications that it executes in the development of its projects.

Python has a management, integration and transformation system, which according to NASA will be a fundamental basis for assistance in the field of engineering in the coming years.

Who Uses Python? Famous Programs

In addition to the organizations just mentioned, we cite some famous programs that are made with the Python language :
Caliber: the best e-book manager for all users.
GNU MailMan: a program for managing mailing lists.
BitTorrent: a program for sharing standard torrent files.
Odoo (formerly OpenERP): an ERP and much more for business management, free software.

Now that you know who uses Python, do you dare to create programs with the Python language? Learn the most popular, powerful, versatile, and flexible language available today.

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