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Secret tips to boost Instagram engagement metrics to grow your account organically


 Secret tips to boost Instagram engagement metrics to grow your account organically

secret tips to boost instagram engangement metrics to grow your account organically
secret tips to boost Instagram engagement metrics to grow your account organically

If you are looking to grow your Instagram account for business growth, you need to understand how social media engagement works. Instagrammers and social media marketing campaigners judge the success of social media promotion on the crucible Instagram engagement rate.

But, as is the case with social media engagement and the algorithm's nuances, the rate will fluctuate. At the best of times, it is tricky even to maintain and keep up the numbers. However, there are certain tricks and tips to the game. All you need is to be aware of the areas that you can exploit and increase engagement.

Instagram engagement metrics
Instagram engagement metrics 

Here is how to boost your Instagram engagement rates, to access more organic growth.

Engagement with accounts from the same vertical

Instagram is not all about sharing posts and photos. You need to do your part by engaging with your peers, other Instagrammers, even your rivals. Always take the time to engage with content others are posting, especially if it is from your industry vertical. The secret tip you should keep in mind is that engagement feeds engagement as per the Instagram algorithm. So, the more you interact with others using the platform, the better are your chances of being seen by the millions on Instagram. When you are looking to get involved with new accounts, follow the steps here.

  1. Check out Instagram recommendations.
  2. Find accounts by manually punching in keyword searches.
  3. Search for the relevant hashtags to discover related posts and accounts.
  4. Engage directly with your competitors' followers – there is nothing wrong about fishing around a bit.

Content engagement before and after posting

Remember that the golden hour of engagement is within the first hour of posting. It would be best if you garnered as much engagement as possible within this time. When a post gets the right number of engagements within the first few minutes of posting, the algorithm recognizes the post as one likely to garner interest to all types of users. It will result in the post appearing higher consistently at the SERPs. Always make sure you are engaging and interacting with content on Instagram before and after you post. It will ensure that users visit your profile to like your most recent post within the "golden hour."

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Long-tail keywords

Long tail and strategical keywords are detailed to describe the content of the post accurately. You need to understand; if you are into interior designing, then a post with the keyword #architecture, even though quite specific, won't get you ideal results. That is because the hashtag is a generic one and will have thousands of recent posts. Instead, a long tail keyword like #postmodernarchitecture will have fewer entries and increase the chances of visibility. However, the key is balancing the generic with the long-tail and maintaining a healthy mix of the two.

Get better at writing

Content gets priority by engagement. It is vital to understand that the more time users spend looking at a post, the higher the post's priority as per the current Instagram algorithm. That is why captions are vital when you are looking to increase the engagement per post. A good caption is essential to provide a context, design personality, and engage the audience for a post. Mix your captions each time you post- keep it light-hearted, thought-provoking, philosophical, or funny, but never under-utilize captions.

Instagram engagement metrics
Instagram engagement metrics 

More people photos, please

Here is a statistic we bet you didn't know – posts with people in it, faces, and up-close shots get around 40% better engagement than those without them. Make sure you are featuring people in every other post. You can always weave a personal story into each post. This works perfectly fine when you are trying to devise a promotional campaign for your venture.

Replying to comments

Another trick to driving engagement is by keeping the conversation going with your followers. That is why make sure you are replying to the comments on your post and promptly too. The more you respond, the better your profile is as you get recognized as someone who values the followers and the interactions. Reply right away with a friendly comment; keep the ball rolling. If you need a bit of help with increasing the number of authentic followers, comments, and likes, visit various sites.

Track the best posting times, go for analytics

If you are new to analytics, you probably do not know much about the best time to post. Keep in mind finding out the best times for posting will increase the user engagement per post exponentially. It is all about consistency, and all you need to do is put in the effort. You can do it manually by monitoring all the insights that Instagram analytics offers or using automated tools to keep up the consistency. Build an Instagram business profile and use the Instagram Insights and the audience tab to gain access to vital information like times when your audiences are most active on Instagram and much more.

Use the story feature

The story feature is the rage right now, and boosting engagement using this feature should be an article in itself. Stories keep audiences interested, draw attention to the latest posts on the feed, and further boost engagement numbers. You can use the story feature to provide a sneak-peek into the works, behind-the-scenes, and other exciting stuff that you usually don't feature on the landing page. However, it would be best to make sure that there is a follow-up from the featured story to the feed. Create a bit of suspense and don't end up giving the full story in the feature. Keep in mind you need to create the perfect harmony with the featured story, the post, and the caption.

Implement these simple tactics and watch as your engagement rates are driven up all through the roof. You will attract new followers as well. Start slow and get on with a few – test your theories and experiments; all the best!

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