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Online Blackjack Tips - 4 Ways To Count Cards To Beat The House Edge


 Online Blackjack Tips - 4 Ways To Count Cards To Beat The House Edge


Online BlackJack Tips
Online BlackJack Tips

Blackjack is a game of skill. Half of every time the player plays is not in his or her favor. When a player can beat the house edge, they have been one step ahead of all the other players in the blackjack game. Playing every hand correctly, a player can turn the odds of the game in his or her favor. In order to beat the house edge, a player must learn various blackjack tips and methods of playing online blackjack, such as card counts, the correct time to purchase a card, basic strategy, and money management.

A player must learn when the most favorable time to purchase a card is and when it is time to shuffle the cards. Learning these blackjack tips and methods of playing online blackjack will definitely improve one's chances of beating the house.


4 card counting methods for online blackjack

The Card Counting method is the most widely used and most effective blackjack strategy. A card counting method simply means keeping track of the count of the cards left in the deck and making a numerical count every time a new card is dealt. Card counting is an advanced technique used by professional players. An advanced player can beat the banker with a more efficient card counting method.

Card counting is performed to determine how many cards are left in the deck. If you know the cards left in the deck, you can gain an advantage over the house by using the high cards or cards with the highest value. This strategy is sure to work but requires great memory and a keen concentration. Unless you are a pro, the advanced card counting strategy would probably not be a good investment.

Professional players are known to have mastered card counting. Depending on the counting system, they keep track of the cards played to get a better idea of the cards left in the deck. This is not entirely sure since cards are coming out of the deck continuously. Card counting methods apply only to the intervals between new cards being played.

There are other cards counting methods, such as the shuffle tracking method, the fish-count card counting method, and the clump card counting method. These are not sure bets since no card counting system can accurately predict when a card will be played. However, card counting is the method that makes most in online blackjack gamesfor real money.

1. TILT in online blackjack

Although, in theory, a card counter can go on TILT, or become extremely lucky, in reality, card counting is hard work. Anytime you decide to step up your wager, you have to go through your card counting method and make a decision whether to buy more cards or remain as a new player. If you want to purchase more players, you'll have to up your stake.

If you plan to stay as a new player, you would be required to place fewer bets. Nevertheless, you will win as you have a better hand overall. This is generally a good system to follow. Just keep in mind that the blackjack casino will not profit if you are playing with a weak or under-aged card counter.

2. Plus/minus card counting

Another system is known as the plus/minus card counting method. Instead of using the plus/minus method, you use a point count instead to determine your advancement in a blackjack game. The plus/minus method is a method that keeps you adding one to your running count as each new card is dealt from the deck.

The more cards that are dealt from the deck, the higher your running count number will be. When your number is high, you know that the deck is rich in high cards. This is one of the better, if not the best, blackjack systems available. If you want to gain an edge in winning at blackjack, using a plus/minus system is one of the options.

3. Ace 5 counting method

With the Ace 5 count, you keep a running count of low cards while you are playing. When you're low, you have a greater chance of drawing lower cards. This system is also known as the Hoppers. With this system, you can play blackjack for a long time without losing.

4. Ace-Low card counting system

Ace-Low is another system and also tracked in card counting systems. This system is also said to work using Ace-high numbers. With this system, Ace-number cards are credited with +1. A running count of Ace-number cards played is tracked from 0 to +1. Ace-number cards with 0, 1, or 2 are tracked as -1.

There are many card counting systems available. These systems do not guarantee a win in the long run but will be profitable if used properly. The plus/minus system and the Ace Five count are probably the best. Hoppers is another, but it requires a lot of focus and practice. The Ace Five is a good system that is perhaps worth looking into.


Pay attention to your blackjack game

This might come as a surprise to you, but the important thing about playing blackjack in online gambling sites is to pay attention to your game.  Even if you know all the rules, the blackjack card game can still be very challenging if you don't pay attention to the details. 

All the great mathematicians and vetted online blackjack players will tell you that the only way to win at online blackjack games is to pay attention. If a blackjack card game is on the level, you will not be able to win. But having the trends of getting better and worse in blackjack games is also a major part of playing online blackjack and can give you some good ideas for improving your winning odds.

Just imagine that you are rolling over a coin 100 times.  Now there will be the trends of heads and tails with increasing probabilities as you play blackjack. Your main focus should be to looking for the blackjack tables that are trending for better or worse so that you can be aware of any possible blackjack patterns.



Online blackjack games may look simple, but each person is playing against the other.  Even if a player knows the game's basic rules, he/she still needs to practice them to know which casino games are the best and which are the worst.

You can easily learn how to win at blackjack online from the best online blackjack game guides available on the internet.  In fact, we offer these best online blackjack game guides in the following paragraphs.

Most blackjack games are very simple and can be learned in one to three weeks.  So, if you don't have any prior blackjack experience, you can start playing online blackjack online for free.



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