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How to create voice chats on Telegram channels


 How to create voice chats on Telegram channels

How to create voice chats on Telegram channels
 How to create voice chats on Telegram channels

We are going to explain how to create a voice chat on a Telegram channel so that you can use a channel to carry out conversations. In recent times, social networks are pivoting to the voice since the irruption of Clubhouse and Stereo . Now, Telegram has its own Clubhouse with the arrival of this option.

It is about voice chats in channels with no limit of people, so you can create your stations or chat rooms and allow anyone to enter to listen to you. For this, Telegram uses its current channels, and adds the possibility for administrators to start a voice chat inviting other people chosen by them to participate.

Create voice chat on Telegram

The first thing you should do to start one of these voice chat channels is to make sure that you have created a channel or that you are an administrator of the one that you want to use for conversations. In Engadget Basics we have already explained how to create channels in Telegram and how to create invitation links so that you can invite other people to enter.

Once you are inside the channel in which you want to start a voice chat, to proceed you have to click on the name of the channel at the top. In this way, you will enter the channel configuration menu.

Once inside the channel configuration menu, you have to click on the options button  that you will see with the three-dot icon. You have it at the top right.

When you click on the three-dot button, a small menu of channel-related options will open. In this menu, you have to click on the Start voice chat option that will appear first.

When you click on the Start voice chat button , you may be asked how you want to start the chat. This will happen to you when you are an administrator, and you can choose between starting it with your Telegram account or the name of the channel so that everything you say is on behalf of the group.

Voice chat will be activated, with an interface in which you can invite other people to participate at the top. Here, you will simply hear what is being said, and you can press and hold the microphone button to speak whatever you want.

At the top right of the voice chat window, you can also click on the three-point button to show options related to voice chat, such as being able to record the conversation in case you later want to share or publish it.


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