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ServiceNow Developer salary | Servicenow job salary


ServiceNow Developer salary | Servicenow job salary

ServiceNow Developer salary
ServiceNow Developer salary

In this blog, we are going to discuss the ServiceNow Developer Salaries along with professional roles in detail. We will start with the introduction to developers and then jump into the concept of ServiceNow and then will move to the salaries section of ServiceNow Application Developer, ServiceNow Software Engineer, Senior ServiceNow Developer. We will also compare the differences between a python Developer and ServiceNow Developer responsibilities. So let’s begin our journey by understanding the concept of Developers and ServiceNow. So let's start this ServiceNow Developer salary topic with details.

Introduction to Developers

The ServiceNow Developer is the one who develops/customizes the ServiceNow tool to meet customer needs, as each customer can have a different process and phase in mind. ServiceNow is a massive program that helps you to do a lot of things. Developers, administrators, network owners, and service owners can use the ServiceNow developer program to learn, create, and deploy applications on the Now Platform. 

ServiceNow is the most widely used ITSM platform on the market, automating a wide range of business processes. One of the factors ServiceNow is so prominent is how easy it is to use it, which you can do with ServiceNow Developer Instance. The ServiceNow developer instance can be thought of as a sandbox for developers to learn more about the ServiceNow platform and experiment with it in order to build useful properties. The ServiceNow Developer Instance gives you access to the platform so you can learn, explore, and experiment with it. It also enables you to test ServiceNow Applications without causing any disruption to users or non-production instances.

Developer Program members who want to develop apps or boost their skills on the Now Platform can get free Personal Developer Instances (PDIs) from ServiceNow. Members may use PDIs as a sandbox to interact with the Now Platform and create more value for their companies. To optimize this valuable resource for all Developer Program Members, the ServiceNow Developer Program allows each user to only have one instance.

Personal Developer Instances (PDIs) may be used to evaluate application concepts without affecting the instance of a customer or partner. The aim of PDIs is to help you understand, explore, and experiment with the Now Platform. PDIs aren't meant to be used in the workplace or for production. It is against the ServiceNow Developer Program Agreement to use a PDI for business or development. You get admin-level access to all of the Now Platform's functionality when you get a PDI. If you use your PDI on a regular basis, it will be yours forever.

ServiceNow is one of the most evolving platforms and has a lot to offer in terms of its products for companies of various sizes including start-ups. Thus, with such a huge demand for this service, the future of ServiceNow in India is highly promising and also is huge in terms of global standards too. Figures show that it has gradually reached a customer base of around 2k+ customers in the current scenario.  Since its inception till today, it has been around 14 years of its inception and is evolving as a high-paced platform for almost every business body including start-ups.

It is due to its high demand among the business bodies that there is actually a great scope of ServiceNow in the global and Indian market too. Further, it is expected to grow and be in demand on a continuous basis for the further upcoming years. Thus, if one is looking to build their future in the relative field, there is a huge scope of getting bigger opportunities in terms of the pay scale and career growth in this field. Being a ServiceNow professional is in high demand currently and is definitely going to be one of the most prospective fields in the future too!

Introduction to ServiceNow 

ServiceNow is a portal that aids businesses in the design, preparation, implementation, operation, and control of information technology services, or in other words, it supports ITSM. This is an excellent tool for automating IT business management. For an enterprise, ServiceNow provides a range of solutions, workflows, and products. A company can build customized applications and modules based on business requirements using ServiceNow scripting and existing software. The ServiceNow developer to see ServiceNow Developer salary, instance contains enough data, such as users, events, groups, and so on, to help you understand the definition.

There are many explanations why this technology has begun to catch the attention of people all over the world. Sure, why not? There are many explanations why this technology is remarkable and unrivaled. According to reports, nearly 12,615 businesses use this technology to streamline the operations of their other departments.

Let's take a look at a couple of the reasons:-

  • It offers a single forum for anyone to make edits, alterations, or improvements to a code, cutting down on the time it takes to download, process, and upload the file. As a result, it enhances employee productivity and, as a consequence, the overall company's efficiency.
  • It allows the workers to perform at a higher level. As a result, the company's service efficiency increases.
  • The most significant factor that has gained the interest and scrutiny of all companies is its efficiency and ability to reduce ITSM costs. So, how much money does it save? It lowers capital expenditure on ITSM by up to 80%.
  • It aids in the organization of the business's unplanned and unorganized job. Employees can function more effectively as a result of using ServiceNow.
  • By blending its resources, one can automate the handling of Email services, making them more effective. Improved email and web services will result in a more satisfied client base.
  • It aids in the breaking down and splitting of the job into small chunks, making it easier to complete. In addition, ServiceNow's other features and resources will assist in making the process more effective.

Intelligent workflows are built into ServiceNow to help speed up the work process by offering solutions to unstructured work patterns. ServiceNow links every employee, client, and computer in the organization, enabling us to make requests on a single cloud platform. Various departments involved in the requests will delegate and prioritize them, collaborate, get to the root of the problem, obtain real-time feedback, and take action. This workflow process enables workers to work more efficiently, which in turn improves service levels. ServiceNow offers cloud services to businesses of all sizes.

The following are some of the reasons why ServiceNow is so important to a business:

Before joining ServiceNow as a developer you should know ServiceNow Developer salary see these important reasons why it's so important for you. 


By consolidating legacy resources into a new, easy-to-use service management solution in the cloud, ServiceNow improves agility and reduces costs.

Security Options

Safety and IT can work together to overcome real threats more quickly. To do so, it employs a coordinated response engine to prioritize and resolve events based on their effect on the service. To do so, it employs a coordinated response engine to prioritize and resolve events based on their effect on the service.

Customer Service

By measuring product service health in real-time, customer service reduces case volume and increases customer loyalty. It collaborates with different departments to address service problems quickly.


With self-service portals, ServiceNow enables HR to personalize the employee service experience and obtain the insights needed to enhance continuous service delivery.

Building Business Apps

 To accelerate innovation, ServiceNow enables all departments to rapidly develop business applications and automate processes using reusable components.

Now Platform

 For enterprises, the Now Platform offers a Method of Action. Using this single data model, contextual workflows can be easily developed, and the business process can be automated. Contextual workflows and the business process can be easily created and streamlined using this single data model. The platform now allows developers to construct apps quickly and easily. Anyone from a business consumer to a skilled developer can create an application. Users of the Now Platform applications can submit requests via service catalogs, find information in shared knowledge bases, and receive notifications about the activities and information they need. Departments, workgroups, and even computers will delegate, prioritize, collaborate, investigate root causes, and intelligently orchestrate activities to help the company move faster.

Non-stop Cloud

This ServiceNow Nonstop Cloud feature is still turned on. The customer instance is never taken down or set to offline for any occasion. Customers can fully configure cloud services and execute updates on their own timeline due to this special multi-instance architecture. Nonstop Cloud is extremely safe and stable, adhering to the highest compliance and international regulations. Its industry-leading, modern, high-availability architecture ensures instance redundancy across two data center clusters in every geography, scaling to meet the needs of the world's largest corporations. 

ServiceNow Developer salary: ServiceNow application developer salary 

Application developers for ServiceNow are in high demand. Participants who receive ServiceNow certification would have the expertise and ability to completely use the Now Platform. Participants learn to develop applications by designing application tables, developing and implementing forms, managing access, and incorporating workflows into applications during the training and certification programs.

ServiceNow Certification exams are proctored, computer-based, multiple-choice exams provided by ServiceNow testing partner Kryterion. Proctoring is also available through the internet.

Prerequisites of ServiceNow Developer salary

Attendees should be professional ServiceNow system administrators with hands-on experience managing and developing on a ServiceNow instance to pass this test. A ServiceNow Application Development course is also available to help attendees become active application developers.

Attendees may also take a ServiceNow Application Development course to help them become better application developers.

Exam Details of ServiceNow Developer salary

  • Format: There are 60 multiple choice questions in total.
  • Duration: The exam will take 90 minutes to complete.

ServiceNow is rapidly expanding through a number of sectors, and demand has remained strong in the sector since its launch, 14 years ago. Servicenow is in high demand across the board, from startups to large corporations. Servicenow's India office has several openings, as does its partner ecosystem, which includes Accenture and Cognizant. Servicenow developers and administrators are also available. More than 2000 customers use Servicenow around the world. Without a doubt, there will be a strong demand for ServiceNow professionals in the future. Many training institutes are upgrading the current IT talent in various ServiceNow modules. Servicenow's salaries in India and around the world are also very good. According to Indeed and Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a ServiceNow Developer in India is INR 9,53054.

The ServiceNow Application Developer is in charge of working on the ServiceNow platform to build, design, and own technical solutions. Using best-practice web programming techniques, the ServiceNow Developer can provide management, application creation, maintenance, and technical support to clients using the ServiceNow framework, ServiceNow Developer salary is covering your life.

The following are the Roles and Responsibilities of an Application Developer:

  1. All operational tasks relating to the setup and deployment of the ServiceNow platform must be scheduled, performed, tracked, supervised, and closed successfully.
  2. Among other aspects, include application programming and configuration services such as data imports,  report configuration, custom software development, workflow management, integration, third-party software integrations, scripting, and screen customization.
  3. Manage and update a comprehensive monitoring process for ServiceNow instance updates, with the goal of accrediting all programs for use after the upgrade.
  4. Aid in arranging and addressing complex specialized data and transition challenges.
  5. To develop long-term solutions, collect and evaluate/interpret industry needs in ServiceNow.
  6. Respond to questions about technology and device setup that contain "how-to" replies.
  7. To assure that the system's efficiency meets the goals, build, update, and run reports.

ServiceNow Developer salary: ServiceNow software engineer salary 

ITOM (IT Operations Management) and ITPA (IT Process Automation) applications are being developed by ServiceNow, and the organization is looking for a Software Developer to join their rapidly expanding team. The team is searching for enthusiastic developers who want to work in an exciting atmosphere with cutting-edge technology. As a Software Developer, you will be part of a talented group of programmers working on some of the organization's most significant applications.

Required Qualifications and Experience:

  • Interested in problem-solving and software development.
  • High levels of enthusiasm and an interest in learning new technologies.
  • About three years of Java and/or JavaScript development experience.
  • Web technologies such as HTML, AJAX, XML, and REST have been well.
  • Debugging, testing and problem-solving abilities are crucial.
  • Data structures, algorithms, object-oriented design, and design trends should all be well-understood.
  • Written and verbal communication that is both clear and concise.
  • Self-motivated with a rapid learning curve
  • A bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a closely related field is required.

According to Ambition Box, In India, the average ServiceNow Engineer salary is 17.9 lakhs for employees having experience below one year to more than seven years. The salary range for a Software Engineer at ServiceNow is between 11 lakhs and 27.3 lakhs. According to Glassdoor, the average ServiceNow Software Engineer salary is $14,90,092.

Responsibilities and Potential Objectives for the Software Engineer Position are as follows:

  • You will use configuration and scripting to build on the ServiceNow platform in this position. ServiceNow's HR Service Delivery framework and the Safe Workplace suite of applications are used by Wells Fargo's HR department.
  • Lead the creation, deployment, and maintenance of new and existing features for an existing portfolio of business-related applications.
  • Using agreed-upon standards and tools to design, code, configure, unit test, maintain, and document software deliverables.
  • Collaborates with senior engineers and architects on the coding specifications, procedures, tooling, and frameworks needed to deliver functionality from the sprint or product backlog.
  • Make sure that self- or team-delivered solutions are stable and scalable, and that they adhere to established requirements and best practices.
  • Assist in the prioritization of relevant technical stories in the product backlog.
  • From design to development to deployment and operation, you are responsible for the consistency of the application solution. Engages in the creation of software specifications and their maintenance.
  • Involved in the implementation of features, responsible for coordination and cooperation with key stakeholders.
  • Adheres to the principle of technological knowledge of third-party/cloud solutions.
  • Assesses the technological implications of new product launches and coordinates their execution.
  • Engages in the agile team's sizing and prediction tasks.
  • Communicates with the Scrum Master or Technical Product Owner and the Agile team on a regular basis about progress achieved and prepared for the next day, as well as any impediments to their progress.
  • Engages in code reviews and sprint retrospectives, ensuring that their suggestions for team quality development are shared so that the overall process and team can progress sprint by sprint, and receives input for self-improvement promptly.
  • Ability to maintain the consistency of existing and new features by manual and automated testing, as well as the application of continuous integration techniques.
  • Collaborate with Business Analysts to ensure that business specifications relating to features to be delivered are comprehended, and to assist the Business Analyst in defining requirements that can be delivered technically.
  • Collaborate with UX designers to ensure that the designs created can be effectively converted into working solutions for feature delivery.

ServiceNow Developer Salary: Senior ServiceNow developer salary 

Professionals with a passion for learning, developing, and innovating are pursued by the company. If you're an engineer, a salesperson, a finance professional, or something in between, the jobs are designed to give you a significant impact and plenty of room to develop.

Role of Senior ServiceNow developer
  • As part of a community, aid in the distribution of ServiceNow Onboarding solutions for employees, interns, and temporary staff.
  • Collaborate with QA, HR Product BU, IT Business Analysts, HR Business, and the IT Applications team to have a world-class employee experience.
  • Enforcing technical implementations that guarantee the security, integrity, scalability, and accuracy of critical user data.
  • In a highly competitive and agile culture, solving difficult challenges and managing teams is essential.
  • Integrations with third-party software and data repositories, as well as ServiceNow HR applications, are available.
  • To be innovative even while assisting teammates.

You should know about the ServiceNow Developer salary before joining this job :) 

What you will be doing in this position:
  • You'll be a member of a diverse, quick-expanding team that's transforming the world.
  • You’ll be exposed to and work with cutting-edge technology.
  • You'll operate in a collaborative atmosphere with fantastic teams.

The following skills are required to be effective in this position:

  • A bachelor's degree in computer engineering, information technology, computer science, or a closely related field is required.
  • Designing immersive, instinctive, and prompting online application interfaces for more than 8 years.
  • ServiceNow development experience of at least 5 years is necessary.
  • Implementation experience with the integration of ServiceNow.
  • Workflows, UI elements, lists, tables, web services, business rules, forms, and menus in ServiceNow must be developed and updated.
  • It is important to code and customizes the interfaces between ServiceNow and other machines.
  • It is beneficial to have previous ServiceNow HRSD experience.
  • Working knowledge of the latest JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, Redux, JQuery, etc.)
  • A detailed understanding of REST, AJAX, HTML, SOAP, JSON, CSS, XML and relevant frameworks. A detailed understanding of AJAX, JSON, HTML, XML, CSS, SOAP, REST, and relevant frameworks.
  • Functional experience of Free software application platforms such as Apache/Tomcat, MySQL, and Linux.
  • Knowledge of SOA technologies, such as REST and implementations of SOAP.
  • Powerful problem-solving, debugging, and testing abilities. Software developer having passion.
  • High levels of enthusiasm and an interest in learning new technology.
  • An acquaintance of the latest Object-Oriented JavaScript programming patterns, such as dynamic resource loading, event-driven programming, client-side MVC, and JSONP.
  • Agile methodologies are well-understood and experienced.
  • The capability of managing several objectives.
  • An excellent member of the team
  • ServiceNow expertise (Kingston, London, and Orlando releases)
  • The Operation processes of ITIL v3 Service must be well-understood.

The average ServiceNow Senior Software Engineer salary, according to Glassdoor, is $22,72,344. ServiceNow's Senior Software Engineer salaries range from $5,04,309 to $27,00,000. This analysis is based on 18 ServiceNow Senior Software Engineer compensation report(s) or forecasts based on statistical methods. According to Indeed, the total annual salary for a ServiceNow Senior Application Developer in the United States is $139,392, which is 33% more than the national average.

So what are you waiting for? If you want this type of salary range then get trained from taking a course you can get the course of ServiceNow Training available online if you would like to make your path into the field of ServiceNow domain.

Comparison of Python programming language developer and ServiceNow developer. 

In this section, we will compare the features and responsibilities of Python and ServiceNow Developer. Let’s begin with Python Developer as discussed below.

Python Developer

Features of Python Developer

Python is a rapidly growing programming language in the IT world, as well as one of the most prominent among the development team. Python programming has always been in high demand, as has the need for qualified Python developers. For a developer, simply learning Python isn't enough; knowing Python in-depth, as well as learning about the roles and responsibilities, skills, and salaries, is essential.

Features of the Python programming language include:

  • It's free to use, open-source, and dynamically typed.
  • An object-oriented language is simple to understand.
  • Provides assistance with GUI programming.
  • By default, high-level and compact.
  • A language that is both integrated and interpretable.
  • Support for standard libraries is extensive.

Who Is a Python Developer?

A Python developer can be a software developer, a web developer, a data analyst, a data scientist, an automation tester, a machine learning engineer, or an AI engineer, or some blend of these. Which role is responsible for coding in Python is defined by the project's requirements.

Python programmers are responsible for coordinating data exchange between users and the server. They need to build server-side logic that ensures high-end performance. They must be familiar with frontend technology, be able to integrate their work with Python applications, and create backend modules that link the applications to third-party services. They must be familiar with frontend technology, be able to integrate their work with Python applications, and create backend modules that link the applications to third-party services.

Responsibilities of a Python Developer include:

  • Creating code that is reliable, reusable, testable, and scalable
  • Understanding, evaluating, and implementing – Business requirements, functionality requests, and software component conversion
  • Data management solutions, integration of user-oriented elements into various applications
  • Developing – High-performance and responsive backend modules, server-side logic, and platform, statistical learning models, and highly responsive web applications.
  • Designing and implementing – Data privacy and security features, as well as high availability and low latency applications.
  • Application performance optimization and automation.
  • Using Python test system tools like Behave, Pytest, PyUnit, and others to test and debug software applications.
  • Improving the capabilities of existing software systems.
  • Developing automated tools for tracking web traffic.
  • Use Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and so on.
  • Developing predictive models for AI and machine learning features.
  • Keeping up with the latest technological advances and trends.
  • On the basis of the data, fine-tune and improve AI/ML-based algorithms.

ServiceNow Developer

By consolidating to the most advanced ITSM solution, the ServiceNow Developer will provide services that amaze your customers, improve efficiency, and gain new insights. The following are the features of ServiceNow Developer.

Features of ServiceNow Developer

  • Incident Management.
  • Problem Management.
  • Change and Release Management.
  • Request Management.
  • Now Mobile.
  • Mobile Agent.
  • Mobile Onboarding.
  • Virtual Agent.
  • Predictive Intelligence.
  • Agent Workshop.
  • Service Owner Workspace.
  • Vendor Manager Workspace.
  • Walk-Up Experience.
  • Enterprise Onboarding.
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Employee Service Center.
  • Asset and Cost Management
  • Performance Analytics.
  • Reports and Dashboards.
  • Service Level Management.
  • Configuration Management.
  • Continual Improvement Management.
  • Surveys and Assessments.

Who is a ServiceNow Developer?

A ServiceNow developer is in charge of an organization's ServiceNow platform, which aids IT service management and automates business processes. Designing, configuring, creating, troubleshooting, and integrating baseline and custom applications to improve the framework are all part of ServiceNow Developer. A ServiceNow developer must also keep track of the platform's stability and make architectural changes as required.

Responsibilities of a ServiceNow Developer include:

  • Determine areas of concern within our current structure and provide suggestions for solutions.
  • Improve user access and navigation by designing processes with ServiceNow.
  • Establish schedules, requirements, and budgets in collaboration with the project manager.
  • Changes should be implemented and monitored to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Conduct new process preparation for the workers.
  • Supervisors should be updated on the project's progress on a regular basis.
  • Troubleshoot problems for both workers and clients.


Thus we have now reached the end of our discussion. We have explained the essential information in detail that is required to pursue your career on various ServiceNow designations of Application Developer, Software Engineer, and Senior ServiceNow Developer including the payment in the market. The future scope, roles, and responsibilities that are demonstrated give you a glance at the area of expertise in which you prefer to build your career path. The features of ServiceNow facilities various business benefits to the customers that help you organize the business needs and develop the marketing trends to enhance productivity. As a ServiceNow professional, you will always be capable of delivering the optimal solutions to improve the business organization. I hope you understand better about this ServiceNow Developer salary topic. 

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