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How to build modern and eye-catching landing pages?



How to build modern and eye-catching landing pages?

How to build modern and eye-catching landing pages
How to build modern and eye-catching landing pages

Landing page - two words, yet the meaning is huge. A person comes to your site when they click on an ad elsewhere. Many marketers are so busy designing their homepage that they forget about the landing page. The latter is important for the promotion of the site and new quality users.

Define the purpose of the landing page

How should a person feel when they follow a link? What does this user need? Are you doing what you were promised in the ad? First, set goals. We know your need to create modern and eye-catching landing pages, and this list is worth paying attention to. You can use free and paid programs to build a landing page. The choice is yours.


Classic formulas for building a landing page:

AIDA - attention, interest, design, action.

PMPHS - pain, more pain, hope, solution.

These formulas are the most used and working. According to all the rules, if you work following these formulas, it is better to stick to the schemes of building a landing page. You can also create your scheme according to needs. We will help you with advice.

Explore your target audience

Who exactly will follow the link to your site? How old are they? Where is this person from? What is this person’s education? What are their dreams and aspirations? Take the time to know your audience better. Besides, do not spend extra money on the wrong placement of the landing page. If you know from which site new users come to you, you know what changes to apply or not.

It will be perfect if you have a separate landing page for different customer groups and on different social networks.


What are they, ideal landing pages?

Intriguing, short, tempting. The landing page does not have to show all available information at once. The message should make the reader want to follow the link and learn more about the home page.

Instill confidence

Convince the person that you are a reliable company and keep your promises. Therefore, provide quality content. The information should be useful to the person.

Simplify the conversion

There should be the fastest distance between the transition from point A to point B. Make it easy to convert, simplify the user's path to you and conquer them.


You can have mega-informative content, read-down texts, and lots of useful data. But it doesn't matter when the design is bad. The design should leave answers without prompting questions.

When creating a landing page design, don't forget to pay attention to color. Human perception tends to understand the message of each color on a subconscious level.

Call to action

The "Download free social media promotion" button is better replaced by the usual "Download" button. Do not complicate. All users just thank you for that. Highlight this call-to-action button in a special font. You help the person to take additional actions.

Other popular calls to action:

-       “Register”;

-       “Buy a free period”;

-       “Read on”;

-       “Subscribe to our news”

-       “Share on social networks”.


Perfect landing pages with an inspiring headline attract many users. Put in 5-8 words the most intriguing information about your message. In the subheading, explain the data mentioned earlier.

Magic words

"You" - inspires confidence in the audience. The person feels like you talk to them and this makes them feel special and important.

"Because" - explanations always matter. You must substantiate the information provided because the person does not trust a random fact. Show that it wasn’t invented by a stranger, indicate the source.

"Imagine" - a person sees himself using this product or service. Fantasy accelerates the desire to follow the link and takes advantage of the offer.

Show the user its value

Pay attention to it, and that's why we mentioned earlier the need to study the target audience of your site. Show that this person is the best. Demonstrate what you can do for them.

A variety of content

Text is important, illustrations are too, but don't forget about videos and gifs. Diversify the information you provide and entertain site visitors.

High-quality images attract people's attention and automatically improve user interaction.

Quality offer

If we had to highlight the most important rule of a successful landing page, we would be confused. After all, we are convinced that everyone is important.

A quality offer is one of the first points that interests the user. A person will follow the landing page if they want to receive an offer from you.

Try testing the look of your landing page for friends or acquaintances. The person must decide in 8 seconds whether to follow the link. You have to be fast and convincing.

Show reviews

People don't always have acquaintances who have ever used your services. Therefore, feedback is in a hurry to help. Do not hide likes and comments. Try to answer to show feedback.


Remember that we live in the 21st century, and our whole life is placed on the phone screen. In the digital world, everyone wants comfort. Adjust the landing page so that it is convenient for your smartphone.

Many companies around the world are working on creating applications for doing business via mobile phones. Everyone who works with a landing page should take care of mobile adaptability. From compiling a wish list to making a purchase - customers do everything through applications in smartphones.

Engage the customer through the landing page, making sure that your site will be completely convenient for him. If you create your mobile application, you will get much more benefits from work. For example, you can communicate with people in private messages. Your level of scalability will increase significantly in the short term.



The principles of the landing page are easy to understand. Take a few hours to study the work of this method in detail and get a powerful result. 68% of entrepreneurs use landing pages. Increase traffic, improve CEO and grow your brand successfully. Build a quality customer base, create conversions and enjoy the result.

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