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Best Kids Location Tracking App for Parents



Best Kids Location Tracking App for Parents


All over the world, the crime rate has increased significantly over the last 5 years. Crimes such as thefts, Phone snatch cases, phone loss cases, bike theft, etc. caused chaos. Left unmonitored such crimes could be fatal and may cost a human life. A simple solution to this problem was surveillance and tracking the location of where the crime took place. Hence the location tracker was introduced which would track the location of the person or object through a cellular network and would give its real-time and precise location.


Best Kids Location Tracking App for Parents
 Best Kids Location Tracking App for Parents

Trackers have evolved over time and now are of different types, such as car trackers, bike trackers, drive trackers, family trackers, kid’s trackers, etc. and in this article, we will discuss the family location trackers and which is the best available app for the purpose at this moment. Family is dearest to everyone and if a person has a job outside his hometown or is a student who lives in a hostel or a pilot who often flies and is away from home or someone who just had a toddler and needs to keep a thorough check on his baby and wife, this tracker is made for everyone. 

These trackers can keep a record of many things and can give a 100% precise reading of time, location, and habits. Parents worry about their child, now and then, and need to know if their child is fine and safe. Many apps can track the location or activity but it may not be precise and can cause many misunderstandings between a parent and their child. The best available app for family location tracking and monitoring is the FamiSafe parental control app. The app comes with the following features;


Location Tracker It is one of the best locations tracking app and gives you the live and real-time location of your kid. It has a perfect feature designed especially for parents where they can create a safe zone for their kids and if the kid leaves then safe zone accidentally or on purpose, the app would immediately send out an alert notification on the controller’s phone i.e you drop your kid at daycare and deem it as a safe zone and if somehow the kid steps out of the daycare you will be notified instantly.


  • Screen time schedule 


It gives parents the authority to control how much time their kids spend on their screens and it also provides parents with the freedom of customizing usage time of each app available on their kid's mobile.


  • Phone activity timeline


Parents can easily track the type of apps their kids install on their mobiles through this feature and can track their other phone activities.


  • Website filter and browser history


Through this feature, parents can block any type of browsing sites or links they don’t want their kids to visit and can also monitor the web history of their kid’s mobile.

  • Suspicious pictures detection


The app can track the types of pictures in your kids' mobile gallery and if deemed inappropriate for a kid the app sends out an alert notification to the controller’s device. Parents can view the explicit picture instantly on their mobile.


  • Suspicious text detection


Another feature of the app is it can detect the dangerous and risky types of messages from any of the social apps and it can alert the controller of the app. Also, you can add multiple words to the dictionary which might concern you and the app can alert you if it detects the use of those words.


  • Driving report


This is a relatively new feature introduced in the app. It can monitor the driving habits of your child by tracking the driving speeds, times of driving as well as hard breaking thus, helping your child to form good driving habits and avoid any kind of Mishap.


FamiSafe Parental Control app is easy to install and can be downloaded from the following links:

FamiSafe is a premium location tracker that can help you get through the day with relief and help you stay stress-free. It has all the premium features you need to monitor your child and to keep your family safe. It has the support of multiple mobile platforms including IOS and Amazon. You can also use it on your computer.


It can monitor more than 30 mobile devices from a single controller’s account. It has all the features you expect to have in a mobile tracker. In terms of tracking services, it does not disappoint you at all. So if you're a parent who is stressing over the time and energy their child is spending on their mobile phone, worry no more, because the FamiSafe Parental Control app has you covered. 


Check out the links to get the app now. 

Download from Google Playstore 

Download FamiSafe For IOS from here 

Download FamiSafe from the Amazon store


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