It is not the first time that Microsoft is experimenting with a huge meteorological mosaic in the Windows 10 search engine, and it already installed it in early 2020 to selected users, but when generating mixed reactions it was disabled, but it seems that now they are back to the load with a future new raid that you could see shortly.

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Some users have started to report that Microsoft has enabled a large weather tile within the Windows 10 search interface that shows the current weather conditions in the area and that it is basically a shortcut to see the full forecast at startup. the Weather app. If you don't have the Weather app available, additional information would be displayed on this internal results page instead.

What type of update is this in windows 10?

This is a server-side update so it is not linked to any Windows 10 update and as it is also a test for selected users, you probably do not have it enabled. If the weather widget appears and you don't like it, you can disable it by right-clicking on it.

Note that to be able to see the widget, you must not only be a selected user but also have access to location data enabled in Windows 10, something that not everyone has for privacy reasons.

Windows 10 performance test
Windows 10 performance test 

window update 

They also claim from windows update that Redmond is testing a news service that will also be shown in their internal search engine but that will be replaced when Windows 10 gets the taskbar channel similar to Google Discover.

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In addition to the above, Microsoft is also testing a new version of the taskbar but this time with support for the "news and interests" feature. In this way, news based on our interests such as sports results or future trips would be displayed. Everything that appears within news and interests is optional and can be customized, even hidden