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Google removes the most popular Chrome extensions due to malware



Google removes the most popular Chrome extensions due to malware

Google removes the most popular chrome extensions
Google removes the most popular Chrome extensions 

This Chrome extension has been disabled by Google for containing malware and you probably have it installed.

One of the main drawbacks of using the Google Chrome browser is that it consumes too much RAM, especially when we have quite a few tabs open, something that makes our operating system and the uses of computer itself slow down than usual.

Though the new version of the Microsoft Edge browser manages to drastically reduce the consumption of RAM in its use, Google is still looking for some type of technology for Chrome that can avoid this excessive consumption of RAM. While those of Mountain View is looking for a quick solution in this regard, the user community is looking for alternatives using the Chrome extensions.

While the time comes when Google surprises by ostensibly reducing the RAM consumed by Chrome, many users have been using the extension called The Great Suspender, initially, a safe application for our browser, and that basically what it did was suspend different tabs so that they did not consume memory when we weren't using them.

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While the extension has been doing quite well during its first few months of availability to the public, it appears that late last year the plugin was sold to a third party, who has apparently added an exploit to execute any type of code without the consent of the user. user. This initially led to the removal of the plugin for Edge, which was followed by Google's decision to disable it in Chrome and also to remove it from its store.

In this way, if you had this extension installed, a pop-up the window would have appeared where you are told that " The Great Suspender has been deactivated because it contains malware", although Google has not yet offered any official statement in this regard.

Remember that if you have been using this extension, all your suspended tabs will not be restored when you open the browser so you will have to restore them manually.  The only viable solution you have in this regard is to use the new Edge browser, which is free to download and works very well if you have Windows 10 and consumes fewer resources than Chrome.


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