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Amazon tv fire stick | Fire tv stick specs | Fire tv stick review



Amazon tv fire stick | Fire tv stick specs | Fire tv stick review

Amazon tv fire stick
Amazon tv fire stick

In this article, you will learn about the new Amazon Fire TV Stick, analysis, and opinion on amazon tv fire stick. I will discuss with details about fire tv stick specs so you will find this a complete fire tv stick review so let's start! 


The best things about

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Bad things about

Amazon Fire TV Stick

·        System fluency

·        Wi-Fi connection quality and stability

·        System based on app installation

·        Integrated Alexa


·        It is not best to send content from the mobile

·        By not having GMS, you do not have Stadia, Game Pass or HBO

·        Takes time to turn on



We have spent a few months with the new Amazon Fire TV Stick, the base model that offers 1,080p resolution, and we tell you how our experience has been using the device on a secondary television. Specifically, an old television hanging on one of the walls of the kitchen has gone from being a 'silly' screen to becoming a SmartTV with many functions.  Tv fire stick specifications fire tv stick specs

When we analyze a device such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick, we like to test it for a few months in a more ... everyday environment, without being so aware of it in order to use it more conventionally and identical to what any user will do on their House.

Yes, the analysis of the new Fire TV Stick comes out a bit late, but in the months that we have been with the device, we have realized the good, the bad, and, above all, the strength of this device. 

When I analyzed the Chromecast with Google TV I put it on my main TV, the one in the living room. It is a television that has Netflix and YouTube, but it is not a SmartTV as such as it lacks applications. It's 4K, it's HDR, and 60Hz soda, so Google's device superseded my original Fire TV Stick, which went to the kitchen TV.

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It is an old 22 "television that, because it did not have it, was not even connected to the antenna, so the original Fire TV was the entire source of entertainment on that television. And yes, it is in which I have had all the time the new basic Fire TV Stick to perform the analysis.

For 39.99 euros, it remains a practically unbeatable rival when it comes to converting an old television into a SmartTV or, directly, when it comes to allowing content to be viewed on a television that is not reached by the television antenna.

That said, we leave you the technical characteristics of the device and our opinion:



TV Fire Stick

Dimensions and weight

86 x 30 x 13 mm | 32 grams


Matt black


Bluetooth 5.0 | Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac | microUSB power

Operating system

Fire OS


1,080p at 60fps maximum

Video formats

HDR10 | HDR10 + | HLG | H.265 | H.264 | Vp9

Audio formats

Dolby Atmos | Stereo | HDMI Pass-Through 7.1

Processor and RAM

MediaTek MT8695D SoC | 1 GB RAM

I send

Bluetooth and infrared connection | 43.4 grams | 

Works with two AAA batteries


39.99 euros



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