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A guide to casino gaming : A to Z complete



A guide to casino gaming

casino gaming
casino gaming 

Whether you’ve been gaming for the last twenty years or you are just about to turn 21 and want to enter adulthood by gambling away your inheritance fund, I have the guide for you.

A casino is an environment filled with people, lights, money, noise… it’s an incredible atmosphere but can be quite daunting even for frequent casino gamers. It’s important to know how to enjoy online casino while staying safe and restrained.

Know your environment

Walking into a casino not knowing anything is a bad move. Playing a game thinking you’re guaranteed to win is a worse movie. The sad truth about casinos is that the house always has an advantage.  As heart-breaking as that sounds, it actually makes a lot of sense. How would the casinos profit? Where does the money come from? Unlike you, Casinos cannot base their entire future on luck. They need a slight advantage. That does not mean you will not win, and it defiantly does not mean that the house will know what to bet. The mathematical side of casinos shows that the house will always have the upper hand so play with confidence but do not get sucked into the glitz and glam and forget the statistics.

Manage your money

You’ve heard it before, and you are going to hear it again. Budget. Playing games into a casino without a budget is as risky as jumping out of an aeroplane without a parachute (okay that might be a slight exaggeration). The point is, if you do not have a budget you will not know when to stop and could land yourself in irrecoverable debt. Everyone goes to a casino clear-headed thinking they will not lose everything they own. After a few games, a couple of drinks, a win your common sense will soon fade, and your self-confidence will wake center stage. Having a budget will help you especially if you are on a losing streak. Do not fall into the trap and take out more money. You should either leave when you run out of money or ‘quit while you're ahead’.


Luck is a real thing. You will not find a game in a casino that doesn’t have an element of luck around it. You can be the smartest, the most confident, the best at strategies but without luck, on your side, you will not get very far. Lucky streaks do also exist. You may also find that some casino trips are luckier than others so if you have terrible luck on your first experience, don’t give up hope.


It may seem like a simple step but knowing how to play casino games is vital. People go to casinos thinking they can pick up the rules or just place a random bet and luck will make them win. You can do this, it could work. I would not recommend it. Some bets are futile, some strategies work, knowing your casino knowledge will only be advantageous. You also don’t want to be stuck on a game you despise; play the games you love!

My final piece of advice: have fun!

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