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What is imagify WordPress Plugin?


 What is imagify WordPress Plugin?

What is imagify wordpress plugin
What is imagify wordpress plugin 

It is a very informative article about imagefy WordPress plugin, I will discuss with details about What is imagify wordpress plugin and  how do I compress images for my website?after reading this article you will be able to know more about what is magnify. Why we use it and how? It is full of information. So, we read this article to improve our thinking to improve your WordPress website loading time to optimizing your website speed.

What is imagify?

Imagify is a WordPress plugin that improve your WordPress website speed by optimizing your WordPress website images. This imagify plugin will improves your website loading time by resizing your images and making images that will take less time and this will also help your website to improve your SEO to rank your website into Google search results.

We need to have a good image to improve our website. Most people look at the first page and guess what's going on inside. Because some people only see the first page. So, we design our first page very nicely. WordPress is a designer website. Most of the designed related to WordPress. We can make many designed with the help of WordPress. WordPress sites are the most beautiful sites. It is used in many offices. Because of its looks very nice and pretty. We can make improve our website to choose the best design.

Why use imagify to optimize images:

You have already your picture folder. If you one-click your picture appears on the top. You can upload your picture very easy method. It is very easy to change your picture size. One-click to make your picture beautiful. We should know every Wp site to improve our picture.

How about webP images?

Now you optimize your images to click the picture to best your images. It is different in size.

  • Full-sized optimized image,
  • Full-sized WebP image,
  • Optimized thumbnails,
  • WebP thumbnails.

Optimize image size:

Select the files according to your WordPress website and choose an image to select size to added by your theme.

Where Do the Optimized Images Get Stored?

When we upload an image that the image saved automatically in the WP file. We find in it an original name. They saved inside our folder.

Everything you need to about imagify:

 Now that you have learned how to set up an image, it's time to move on to the imagery. We need to know everything about WordPress sites.

Is Imagify Free?

You can upload 250 Mb images like 250 images. It is free of cost to uploading.

What our users think about imagify?

Imagify is the greatest tool. It is very easy to use. It is very powerful. It has behind all other software. If you make the best of your image to make imagify. Imagify to optimize your image.


I am very thanks full to you to read this article. It is very interesting information in this article. I hope you like this article. I explain about the imagery in this article. This article is full of information about WP imagify to everyone. Thanks for you give your important time to read this article.

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