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What is the difference between a laptop and a desktop computer?


 Difference between desktop and laptop

Difference between desktop and laptop

It is a good question, what is the difference between desktop and laptop. It is the most interesting article for everyone that knows about desktop and laptop. In this article, I will discuss in details about What is the difference between a laptop and a desktop computer?

What is a desktop?

The desktop is a physical body unit. It consists of a monitor, CPU, keyboard, and mouse. It is very heavy in weight. Its price is very short. It runs with the electric wire.

What is a laptop?

A laptop is also a kind of computer. Like a computer, everything is in it. But all things are connected with each other.  It runs on battery and has a power cable with it. By which we charge it. It looks like a book. Click here to see the advantages of computer programs

Difference between desktop and laptop:


desktop: Desktop is a heavy system. we can't carry it from one place to another easily. We can sit down and work it. We can't replace day by day.

Laptop: Laptop is a very small computer. We can carry from one place to another easily. We can work with it in every place. It has a different shape.


Desktop: It is not portable. We can't it carry and don't keep it in our front eyes.

Laptop: It is very easily portable. We can easily keep with us. Some laptops are very small that one can easily in one's hand.

Move on:

Desktop:  It runs the main power supply. It can't run without electricity. When we switch off the button it will be off.

Laptop: It runs with the help of a battery and a supply power. We can work it easily without electricity.


Desktop: Its repair is very easy. When it repair less than sticky or not.

Laptop:  It can be repaired very hard. There are risks of further damages fixing it.


Desktop: It has a more powerful processor.  It moves the data transfer desktop to USB in a few seconds.

Laptop: Its processor is not powerful except a gaming laptop. The gaming processor is very high because the game speed is also fast.

Screen Size:

Desktop: It has a different type of screen, in wide. We can connect the PC with LCD and LED.

Laptop: Its screen size is limited. Its maximum size is 12" to 15" inch in wide.

Necessary part:

Desktop: Mouse and keyboard is the most important part of the desktop. We can't run the desktop with these things.

Laptop: In the laptop, the mouse and keyboard are connected with it. However, we use the other keyboard and mouse.

At the end of this article, it depends on our needs. If we are a working person, a laptop is the best choice. Because we carry it one place to another easily and we use it everywhere.

However, If you will not move the computer that the desktop computer is the best choice. We save it much data. Because it uses in one place the data will be saved.


The purpose of written this article is to make people aware of their quotient. However, they purchase a desktop computer and laptop easily.

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