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PDF Bear: Your Online PDF Editing Tool


 PDF Bear: Your Online PDF Editing Tool

PDF Bear: Your Online PDF Editing Tool
 PDF Bear: Your Online PDF Editing Tool

With the current events that took place, the need for different online applications and tools rapidly increased. In line with that thought, both schools and businesses are now relying on online technology. Hence, it is of great importance to have a tool that you can use to edit and preserve your essential documents. These files might be for personal purposes or work-related or school; a handy online tool is efficient to have.

Among the various options for managing your PDF files, PDF Bear is the safest and reliable web-based tool you can find. It has several features addressing your diverse needs to edit your PDF file online. You can quickly merge, split, repair, extract, and compress your documents. Furthermore, PDF Bear is accessible through various platforms such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops. You can be anywhere as long as there is a stable internet connection. Here are a few features of PDF Bear on how to split pdf online that you can use for free.

Splitting PDFs

PDF Bear is the perfect online tool that provides you with the most efficient way to split your PDF files. This feature provides you with two options. You can choose to extract some pages from the original file, or you can also select to split the document into separate pages. Splitting your file is achievable in the following steps:

  1. Upload or drag and drop the PDF file that you need to split. You will have the option to extract a few pages or split it into separate pages.

  2. You can then select the pages you need by clicking on the pages of the PDF file.

  3. Next, you can tap to refine those pages before exporting it as a new PDF file.

  4. You can now download the file after accomplishing those first three steps.

Merging PDFs

In addition to splitting your PDF files, you can also connect your documents using PDF Bear. Just as convenient as splitting, merging your files is also an effortless task with this tool. You can efficiently combine several PDF files into one. The merging process is achievable in these easy steps:

  1. Select the PDF files or drag & drop the files that you would like to merge.

  2. PDF Bear will combine your files into one file.

  3. You can then modify when you deem necessary before pressing Combine or Merge PDF. The process will begin right after.

  4. Your file is ready for download now, and you can save it or share it in Google Drive or Dropbox.

Protect PDFs

It’s quite alarming that your files might fall into the wrong hands, especially when sharing or sending them via emails and such. Also, your tablet and other gadgets are accessible to others. Furthermore, by some unfortunate event, you might even end up losing it, which contains important documents, especially for those confidential files. You would want to find a way to keep your files secure. PDF Bear can help you fix that dilemma. It has a protection feature where you can add a security password for your files. The following steps will be your guide:

  1. Select or drag & drop your file to upload.

  2. Type in a password.

  3. Click ‘Encrypt PDF’

  4. Download your new encrypted PDF file.

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Convert PDFs

What if your file is a PPT or a Word Document or even Excel one and you wish to make it a read-only file? With PDF Bear, you can easily convert those files into a single PDF file. Also, you can add to the list HTML files and JPG. Not only would you be able to convert these diverse files into PDFs, but you can also turn your PDFs into one of those files. The process is achievable in a few easy steps:

  1. Choose the file and upload it from your tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop.

  2. PDF Bear will auto-detect your file and convert it into the respective format.

  3. When your file is ready, then, you can download it.

  4. Additionally, you can add other edits or compress your PDF file when you deem necessary.

Free and Efficient Web-based tool

PDF Bear is free and accessible to anyone. It is an efficient tool to manage your PDF files. Whether you need to merge, split, unlock, protect, and convert, this online tool is a perfect fit to use.

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