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How to learn VBA | Simple Steps to learn VBA


 How to learn VBA | Learn VBA using simple steps

How to learn VBA steps to learn vba
How to learn VBA

It is a very interesting topic about VBA. I tell you how to learn VBA? I hope this article is very useful for you.

We represent this article is a very simple word that you understand easily.

What is VBA?

VBA means visual basic for application. It is a Microsoft programming language. VBA is used for

programing language and other official languages.

What is VBA used for?

It is a computer programming language developed by Microsoft. We used it in computer working. WE

use in excel mostly. And its work in custom office applications or other official forms.


Visual basic for application is an excel language and other official languages.

1. Create a Macro:

Create a macro using the Excel VBA and set it to your liking. And write something in draft.


In Excel VBA, a dialog box is used to alert users.

3. Workbook and Worksheet Object:

Find out more about the Excel VBA in the Workbook and Magic Book.

4. Range Object:

You can represent an empty sheet by creating Excel boxes.

5. Variables:

It teaches you how to reduce the Excel display.

6. If Then Statement:

If the complete some special word in the excel sheet that we used the code to improve this work.

7. Loop:

Its very power full formula to learn this language. It makes us improve our language a few formulas.

What software do I need?

We used the micro soft office in 2007 to more than. Because A lot of work today is done with the help of

Excel nowadays.

What are VBA skills?

VBA mostly used in offices. Its most important skills MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access. These programs

are used in the office nowadays.

Is VBA dead?

Now Microsoft is not promoting the VBA. So, we can still have VBA in the office for a long time. Many

other languages are being eliminated.

How do I start the VBA code?

Open your Excel book and insert the code. For an open excel book press the alt+F11. When opening your

excel page insert your excel code.

What is the best way to learn VBA?

Excel is the best way to learn VBA. Whether you write the code in Excel and copy and paste it into the

VBA. That you learn easily Excel VBA. s

How can I learn VBA language?

VBA stands for visual basic for application. Its use in offices and other program languages. This

language is used to control everything in Excel. You will learn the method of the macro sheet which can be

easily moved with any button.

How do I automatically run VBA code in Excel?


  1.  Open an Excel workbook.
  2.  Press Alt+F11 to open VBA.
  3. Click the new menu from the insert menu.
  4. Copy the code and paste the code in the window.
  5. Save the files to the micro worksheet.
  6.  Open the workbook to see it.


Thanks for reading this article, I hope you like this article. The purpose of writing this article is to make

people aware of the VBA. How is the VBA used? How is it used and why do people use it? We represent

this in very simple language that people understand easily.

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