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7 Free Tools That Educators Can Use For Their Classes


 7 Free Tools That Educators Can Use For Their Classes

7 Free tools that educators can use for their classes
7 Free tools that educators can use for their classes

Almost more than half of the world has adapted to the shift of classes from face-to-face to online. It means that educators need to be more creative and smart when it comes to the tools that they are going to use. In this article, we will talk about seven tools that can aid teachers in online classes for free! 

PDFBear for PDFs

If you are a teacher handling a lot of class sections, checking hundreds of test papers is not news for you. But since everything is online now, checking a bunch of PDF files can be a pickle. The easiest way to check them is to merge PDF free using PDFBear. Combining PDFs is a great productivity hack, especially if you deal with a lot of PDF files. To use the PDFBear, go to PDFBear.com, select Merge PDF, and upload all the files that you want to merge into one PDF. This website is also safe to use and gets the job done in a few minutes. No need to open PDF files one by one when checking your students’ outputs.

Discord for Communication

If you are looking for an audio and video-conferencing tool to communicate with your students, Discord is the best one out there. All your students must have a Discord account so they can join your server. Enjoy unlimited voice and video calls without lags. You may also share files using Discord. This site supports MP4, PDF, JPG, PNG, MOV, Word, and more file formats as long as their file size doesn’t exceed 8 MB. You may also screen share, mute people, and add useful bots! Discord doesn’t consume that much internet data compared to other apps. You can use Discord via the web or download the app to your device.

Canva for Presentations

Now more than ever, educators must create engaging presentations and content for their students. Canva has free tools and templates that you can use to create great content without spending too much time. Visually appealing presentations can help in aiding students in learning despite the current situation. Go to Canva.com and sign up using an email. The best thing about Canva is that all your materials will be saved in your account and you can re-edit them without any limits! Canva has a bunch of categories of templates to choose from! From presentations to GIFs, Canva has a template for whatever needs you to have.

Loom for Pre-recorded lessons

To save time and energy, it might be best to pre-record a lesson ahead of time, especially if you are teaching more than one class. You can use Loom for this! A loom is a tool that records whatever is on your screen and whatever the narrator is saying. It’s easy to use and you can instantly share the link to your students. They can play, stop, rewind, and pause the video without any limits.

Google Classroom for Homeworks

If you are looking for a tool that can help centralize everything, Google The classroom is the most reliable. You can create homework, set a deadline, grade them, and give feedback all in one place! You and your students can access Google Classroom via the website or download the app using any device. It is easier to collaborate, manage, easy to use.

Kahoot! For Quizzes and Exams

To help ease cabin fever for both you and your students, why not hold your quizzes and exams via Kahoot! Kahoot! Is a game-based platform that makes learning more fun. You can create a learning game or quizzes. While setting up the games, make sure to check out Game Options so you can personalize them more. You can customize the point system, which is something you can download after each game.

EdPuzzle for More Resources

The internet is already a sea of information and resources, so why not use something that is already online? With EdPuzzle, you can choose a ready-made video and customize the quizzes. If you want, you may even create your own video from scratch. You can also track the progress of your students with this site. EdPuzzle also shows you which part of the video that the students keep on repeating and if they can understand the lesson. 

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