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5 Best Free PDF to Word and Vice Versa Converter Tools


 5 Best Free PDF to Word and Vice Versa Converter Tools

If you distribute a file, it is best to publish it in a file format that is not freely modifiable. The data arrives at the recipient as expected, except if you wish the desired viewers to modify the particular file more. Word and PDF files are commonly used nowadays. An example of this is to exchange data in Word or PDF files.

These kinds of files are perfect for proofreading, though not for distributing because they are modified and are therefore an opt-out issue if one has downloaded the correct viewing program. The definitive word to PDF converter may not function as it should but is motivated by many variables. 

The findings are entirely satisfactory and beneficial if these considerations are addressed as well as workable. These are the very reasons which prevent us all from selecting a similar application between the options accessible. Here we are going a little further into every one variable to comprehend more what is to be taken into account.

PDF Bear (Recommended)

If you’d like an online program to convert pdf to word and vice versa or a word to pdf converter free tool, PDFBear is for you. PDFBear is a popular free converter platform for converting documents to another, most accessible, and freely available. They allow people to use the lite version or subscribe for additional service.

They guarantee that your PDF word resources are open and reliable to use. This online device also enables customers to connect from PCs and mobile devices. You can use the platform to help you convert your file to and from PDF files. The highest quality method for converting PDF to Word would be to use PDFBear’s online tool.

They provide convenient accessibility for every user to guidance or follow-up instructions. You can finish your transformation with only some clicks. Just go to their platform and pick the application to convert PDF to Word or Word to PDF. The PDF file you want to turn into a word document is first picked. 

After seconds after you import your text, PDFBear should start converting your files to word documents. After the conversion is completed, the updated Word transformed document could now be saved and exported to your computer. Your content is deleted from the PDFBear server within just one hour, and accessibility to it is no longer issued.


The AltoPDFtoWord PDF converter is one of the most common online devices. Besides the other available online platform, you need not create an account using emails to access the resources. You can also import your documents into your cloud services, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox.

Soda PDF

Many users like Google Chrome plugins such that if they access their favorite domains, they could access them. Then if you’re one of them, it’s advised to utilize their Chrome extension. This feature is like many other PDF resources, yet it can be displayed or hidden, depending on your preference. 

Xara PDF editor 

 Xara PDF editor is a free online tool that you can use anytime from every device you own. 

Make all your documents editable and customize them to fit your every need. Don't settle with the minimum. Try the Xara PDF editor to change text, images, fonts, and colors to perfect your documents. 

Here are some of the most valuable benefits of this PDF editor: 

  • Change different document types to and from a PDF format 
  • Merge multiple documents 
  • Edit, extract, reorder, delete certain pages of a document 
  • Leave helpful comments to your team inside the file

Nitro PDF 

The Nitro PDF Conversion to word documents is easy to use like any online PDF machine. It transmits the converted file to your computer systems via email which makes this program is excellent.

Their platform still has several functionalities at no expense, and users may use or take advantage of the subscription account at a reduced cost. With a monthly membership, you can control and take advantage of additional advanced features. These are the strengths provided by PDF converters.


PDF2Go is quick, simple, and immediate to transform your pdf file to Word or vice versa. You merely have to have a W-Fi or an internet connection, and you are all set. Importing your documents to convert to and from PDF has become more convenient because of these tools. 

They ensure that every move of the path, your document is protected. This platform should not get an authority in your file; it just remains for you and only you. You can also convert other documents to another using their tools.


There are several benefits of the PDF file type. The structure stays the exact as you copy or email it with everyone. It’s quite reliable, and all operating systems, smartphones, and perhaps even ebooks will have viewers. Take advantage of these inventions as they are a blessing. Our article has handpicked the best free PDF to Word and vice versa converter tools that can help you out in all your PDF file needs. It’s good to have different options when it comes to PDF converters so that you have other options, just in case! These tools are easy to use and free, so you won’t need to worry about having a hard time navigating through their site and paying a fee. We hope our article helps you out in picking the right tools for you to use.

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