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Steps to Converting HTML to WordPress website


 Steps to Converting HTML to WordPress website

Steps to converting HTML to WordPress website

Here in this article, I am going to converting Html to WordPress website with easy steps. The road from sites designed with pure HTML to WordPress wasn't a brief one. From associate degree all-text expertise, the net style has enraptured on to an extremely interactive net presence. Additionally, we have a tendency to now not have to be compelled to write markup ourselves however will let content management systems do the work.

However, that doesn’t mean that static HTML websites don’t exist any longer. In fact, HTML5, the newest iteration of the language, is incredibly powerful and permits you to make quality websites while not a CMS behind them.

Yet, the growing market share of WordPress shows that additional and additional folk’s area unit switch to the platform.

WordPress Market Share in 2019

For some of them, it suggests that moving from static HTML to WordPress. This will be a frightening task, however, this post can plan to justify the way to pair in an exceedingly few easy ways in which.

Below, we are going to show you many ways in which the way to convert from HTML to WordPress. First, you may learn what the various choices area unit yet as their execs and cons. After that, we are going to show you the way to execute every one of them step by step.

Let’s get going.

The 3 ways in which to maneuver from Static HTML to WordPress

To move from HTML to WordPress, you wish to show your HTML style into a WordPress theme. a subject controls the design and also the feeling of a WordPress web site, whereas the practicality is provided by the CMS itself yet as extra plugins.

To make the switch, you've got many choices. That one is that the right for you depends on factors just like the time and cash you're ready and willing to take a position, your cryptography skills, and private preferences. The subsequent area unit the most choices.

A) Manually Convert HTML to a WordPress Theme

The first choice is additionally the foremost technical. If you go this the route, you may take your existing code and use it as a start line to make the WordPress theme files.

It’s not too sophisticated, particularly if you've got cryptography expertise. You’ll be able to pull it off with a touch of HTML, CSS, and a few PHP data. A great deal of its copy and paste.

The downside: whereas you may find yourself with an operating WordPress the theme, it won’t have all of the capabilities WordPress should supply. as an example, unless you build it in when the very fact, your website is going to be while not appliance areas or the flexibility to alter your menu from the WordPress backend.

While your website can do its job, you won’t be ready to manage it utterly via WordPress. For that reason, we have a tendency to in person like the subsequent choice.

B) HTML to WordPress via WordPress kid Theme

In our opinion, this can be most likely the simplest and most affordable road in terms of effort and financial investment. Rather than exploit your existing website because of the start, you employ a ready-made WordPress theme instead. You then alter solely its style in order that it resembles your previous web site.

Doing this permits you to profit from WordPress totally whereas still retentive your previous site’s look. You furthermore may have to be compelled to add WordPress options later. Instead, you'll be able to turn on associate degree existing theme – one thing that the WordPress platform is expressly created for.

C)  Import Content from HTML to WordPress exploitation Plugin

Obviously, if you don’t implement exploitation your current style and area unit hospitable dynamic it, things get even easier. Therein case, all you wish to try and do is about up a website, install the theme, and import your HTML content. As you may see below, this can be an awfully fast and painless method.

The way to Manually Convert HTML to a WordPress Theme

Don’t worry if it sounds daunting, you’ll see that it's something, however. Simply a couple of files and folders, yet as some copy and paste, is all it takes.

1. Produce a subject Folder and Basic Files

The first issue you wish to try and do is produce a replacement theme folder. You’ll be able to do this on your desktop as you'd for a directory on your laptop. Name it no matter you wish your theme to be known as.

After that, head to the code editor and make a variety of text files. Name them the following:

Don’t do something with them nevertheless; keep the files open within the editor. You may like them before long.

2. Copy Existing CSS to the WordPress sheet of paper

Now it’s time to organize the WordPress sheet of paper (the filestyle.css you simply created) to repeat your previous site’s CSS into it.

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