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SEO Tips | Best Free DA PA checker tool For Your WordPress Website

SEO Tips | Best Free DA PA checker tool For Your WordPress Website
How can you grade or rate a website? On what basis can you decide whether it is highly rated or still struggling to make a name? Some important metrics are used to check the standing of any link.
A user may want to perform this check for an e-commerce website to ensure that he is making the correct selection. A webmaster may want to know more about a link so that he does not pick the wrong backlinks.

If you are an internet searcher, it would be common knowledge that there are countless tools of each type available online and all of them are not reputed. It is up to the user to bring his intelligence into play and pick the right alternative. The Online DA and PA checker is best measured by a tool.

1.     No second thoughts about the scores

A faulty scientific calculator will produce an answer to a mathematical problem but not a correct one. Similarly, if you are selecting online software to check DA and PA, there should be a guarantee that correct results will be produced. The Prepostseo.com provides users with that assurance.

Once the tool determines the DA, PA, and other details about a certain link, you can put all the doubts down the drain.  This is simply because the tool does not have any kind of reliability problems. If you are performing a check for any website, be sure that the correct output will be shown to you.

2.     A free option that comes without hidden charges

To use anything, the first thing you have to think about is the budget. Can you afford it? However, this question can be ruled out if a tool is available for free. The DA PA checker by Prepostseo is a 100% free option so affordability problems do not arise in the first place.

·         Unlike a lot of other tools, users do not need to be apprehensive about hidden costs. Nothing will pop up on your screen showing that a particular sum of money has to be paid. All the features are free and there are no limitations about the number of times you can use the tool.

3.     A must have for backlink making professionals

In order to get more business, a website goes through a continuous growth process. Having good backlinks means being connected to dominant and successful stakeholders. This is very beneficial for professional growth of a company.

·         Only positive backlinks can help a company is growing and attaining more traffic. Negative ones can even eliminate its presence.

Hence, a check has to be performed on whether the correct website is being considered or not. The DA PA checker helps in this case. It provides complete details of how good or bad a website is.

·         It is mandatory to check the credibility of a website before you decide to establish a connection with it. If you know about the domain authority, things will become much simpler. Having negative backlinks can hamper the standing of a website forever. Thus, checking DA and PA is always a good option.

4.     The alternative to scan multiple links at the same time

At times, users have to check the DA, PA and other related parameters of multiple websites at the same time.  Is it necessary to check one website at a time? The answer to this question is no. With this tool, you can check the details of several websites at the same time.

·         A maximum of 25 URL addresses can be entered together with one being in each line.  The tool will determine domain authority, page authority, IP address and other details in the shortest possible span. Considering this requirement, a tool that runs through multiple web links is needed.

·         As this tool reads through several URL addresses at the same time, you do not need to go through one link at a time.  The time span that is needed to find out the DA tasks is reduced and the task gets completed in a much easier manner.

·         Do people require a long span to learn this tool and develop control on it? The answer to this question is no. It is a simple application so a long span is not needed by the user.

5.     A tool for backlink makers and other users’ types as well

This tool is useful for various types of users including backlink makers and normal users as well. If you are working as a backlink maker for a brand, it would be important to check how good or bad a website is.

·         A good plus point about this tool is that it is simple for all kinds of users and not backlink professionals only. For instance, consider that a user has to check how good or bad a shopping website is. Before he selects it for shopping, it is important to check its Domain Authority. If it is a scam link, the score will be very low.


There are different methods for which the DA and PA is increased. One of them is the constructing the backlinks. You need to be sure that the right websites are being selected. The Prepostseo.com backlink maker is a commendable tool for this purpose. It is a free option through which the user can check the DA and PA values of several websites. 5 

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