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What is the main structure of HTML? | HTML opening and closing tags


What is the main structure of HTML? | HTML opening and closing tags

what is the main structure of HTML
what is the main structure of HTML 

In this short introductory article about HTML main structure of HTML file, I will discuss the main tags of HTML opening and closing tags.

Who are these article audiences?

If you are a beginner in HTML or even advanced level in coding HTML then this will surely help you.
First of all, we will open our HTML editor I will recommend you notepad++ because it will help you to remember the tags. So let’s begin our Structure of HTML

HTML opening and closing tags with details

<html>  This is HTML opening tag all the HTML tags use in this HTML opening and closing tags.
<head>  This is head tag this head opening and closing tags includes the title tags as well as the other instructions in These head tags this head tag closed before the body tags. Head tag close like this </head>
<title>  This title tag shows the title of the web page in the browser so whatever you write in the title tags will shows your title on the web pages. This title tags opening and closing will between the head tags. So title tags close like this </title>

After the title tags and head closing tags the body tags starts actually the body tags are the tags which show on the web page it’s the body tags from opening to closing tags. Actually, everything that displays on the website page contains the body tags and their instructions. Instructions means other different tags like paragraph tags heading tags and many more.
<body> body the opening tag is similar to other tags structure nothing different it names as body and contains the other tags in between body opening and closing tags.
The closing tag of the body showing like this </body>
After closing of body tag the HTML tags will have to close to complete our web page. At the end of the web page, we always close the HTML tag. We will close HTML tag like this </html>

So let’s revise our tags with the structure.

                                  Instructions of the body all body tags etc and all that you want to show on the web pages.

Note: this is just simple layout HTML document have types likes
·         Strict
·         Transitional
·         Frameset
I will discuss with details about these all types in future I will also discuss we use these types in our HTML file.

Final findings

I tried my best to discuss the main topic about the structure of the HTML file I hope you understand better about the main structure of HTML. I show the opening and closing tags in this short tutorial. I discuss the main tags opening and closing tags examples including. 

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