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What are the Basic Functions of Drawing | Using PHP Language


What are the Basic Functions of Drawing | Using PHP Language

What are the Basic Functions of Drawing | Using PHP Languages
What are the Basic Functions of Drawing | Using PHP Languages

In this article, I will briefly discuss what are the Basic Functions of Drawing using PHP programming language. When we learn select the empty canvas and sky blue color.  Using these color we can make different shapes. PHP image functions use the library. We can make easily point, lines, rectangles, arcs, and polygons. You will see to make all these shapes that the pattern use it’s almost the same. It’s mean every function first takes an image identifier. After it takes the position in x,y, and then take the identifier.

Draw the pixel at image   

To color, a pixel at image  set pixel’s is used who take  four arguments following code saved with named  Htdocs PHP and image and then securest.
First of all, we are making empty canvas using the image creator function. Who we are storing in in variable canvas. Whether height 100 pixels. After this, we make black and gray two colors.  For its function use is image color allocate. At line number 4 using the function is image set pixel. And it passed the four arguments .first argument is dependent on canvas. Second is x position third is y position whether we make black variable on black color.

Generate the image

Four includes generating an image.

-        1 first makes an empty canvas
-        2 write text with different functions
-        3 give an image to the browser or save on disk
-        4 Delete image from memory

To create new image

New image means to make an empty canvas for it, PHP provides types of functions first function is to create an image. Who make palette-based Image? Which has the maximum amount of color are 255.
The second function is the image to create true color. Who one color makes a real image. Which has the maximum amount of color is 16.7 Million. Both function take arguments. (Height, Width)
This line will make an empty image which would have width 200 pixels and height is 150 pixels.
We are taking the return value from the variable of #myimage.  Its mean function is returning image handle or image identifier.  Who is made in memory? Image identifier just like a final handle or database link.

Choose the color   

Before the start drawing on any image. WE have made some colors that we can use to make different shapes for it the function used is image color allocate.
Its first argument depended on image identifier who we already had makes in my image.
After its three parameters are red, blue and green to have read about a few times ago.
Which the value ranges are 0-255. At upper the example, we set the value of res 53, green 175, blue 18, It will create the green color. You can create different colors with the changing the value .this function in the condition of completion color identifier while in error condition take a return

Bottom line

How was this article? Let me know in the comment section I would love to receive spam-free comments. Give me feedback on this article Thanks.

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