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Why is my computer so slow? |Why is my PC so slow


Why is my computer so slow? | Why is my PC so slow

why is my computer so slow
why is my computer so slow

Why is my computer so slow?

In this article, I will give you an answer to the question of why is my computer so slow? Here are some reasons why your computer is slow. I will discuss with details almost all the reasons that make your computer slow.

Here are some reasons your computer may be slow down while working

  • You install many heavy applications at a time
  • Your computer RAM is very low.
  • Computer hard drive is running low
  • Your computer is affected by viruses or spyware
  • Other Factors

Here I will discuss these topics with the details in the following section.

You install many heavy applications at a time

Your computer may be slow down due to the installation of many heavy applications at a time, you may install applications for work and then you don’t need that application, but this application is still installed on your computer. In this way, you install many applications that you don’t need at this time, and these applications slowing down your computer system. Now you need to uninstall unnecessary applications that you don’t need.

How to uninstall unnecessary applications from your computer?

  1. Search control panel in the windows search box
  2. You need to Go to Control Panel then
  3. Select Programs > uninstall a program
  4. Then select the program that you want to uninstall
  5. Click on uninstall
  6. Uninstall all unnecessary programs on your computer that do don’t use.

Your computer RAM is very low

Your computer system RAM is maybe very low therefore your computer goes slow down and stuck. You need to increase your computer RAM according to your need. When you will increase the size of your computer RAM then you will see the difference. After increasing the size of RAM on your computer your system will start running smoothly and fast. So if your computer is running slow then you should try to increase your computer RAM size.

Computer Hard Drive is running low

If you have a computer hard drive that has low space then you should clear some space on it. You should delete unnecessary files and folders from your computer that will give you better results. Try to delete files and free up space on your hard drive. If your hard drive is full then it may take time to load files and folders that result in slowing down your computer. So one of the necessary steps is to free space on your hard drive.

Your computer is affected by viruses or spyware

Some of the reasons to slow down your computer are that maybe your computer is affected by viruses or spyware. So try to avoid installing unauthorized software on your computer they can harm your hardware. Some times unauthorized software has some files affected with viruses or spyware etc.
These files will runs again and again on your computer according to given instruction by the virus developer so try to avoid that type of software. Sometimes antivirus software is also affected with virus and they slow your computer. Don’t install antivirus software without knowing about it. Sometimes we install antivirus software that is outdated then they harm our computer instead of protection from viruses.
If you are using windows 10 then try not to install any antivirus software on your computer you just need to activate windows defender on your computer and then go. Windows Defender will protect your windows from any malicious software.

Other factors that make slow down your computer

There are some other factors too that make affect your computer speed, I am discussing some of these here with details:

Open multiple browsers with low RAM.

When you open multiple browsers with low RAM it may slow down your computer because the computer needs more memory to store and there is low memory and the browsers will open very slow on your computer.

Opening multiple tabs of a browser

Your computer will respond sometimes very low when you open multiple tabs of a browser 15 to 20 page of a computer. You will see even message from the window that the browser is not responding etc. So then try to open only the required browsers that you need at one time.

Running very high software that required more RAM and hardware.

Your computer will respond very slow if your computer is loading very high software that requires more RAM and hardware. For example, if you install graphic designing software on a computer then you will see the computer will respond slow if it’s a simple computer not designed according to the graphic designer. Software is heavy and will require some time to load files to your computer. As a result, your computer will go slow.

Playing games that require more RAM on your computer.

Some games are heavy and required very good RAM and hardware of your computer system. So when you install on your computer these games will require some time to load and as a result, your computer will respond slow. To avoid this situation read before installation of the games the requirement of game hardware and RAM etc.

Final words

This article why my computer is so slow I tried my best to put the things that make your computer slow and give some solutions too. So I tried my best to provide you the best solution and best research for you to this topic that covers all the needs of a reader.

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How was this article? Let me know about your thought, was this article helpful for you? Or I should add something that is in your mind let me know I will surely add, give me your feedback in the comment section I will appreciate your comment and will make changes to this article according to your needs and wants.  If you want to see my other articles then see in the following interesting articles.
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