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ICT Assignment | Government College University Faisalabad | MSC IT


ICT Assignment | Government College University Faisalabad | MSC IT Distance Learning Education

ICT Assignment  Government College University Faisalabad
ICT Assignment | Government College University Faisalabad 

This is an assignment example of ICT assignment, Introduction to computer technologies in Government College University Faisalabad. MSC IT distance learning education first semester.
This is an assignment sample format for introduction to computer technologies. This assignment sample is especially for the university-level and designed for GCUF.

Department of Information Technology, Division of Engineering, ICT Assignment

G.C University, Faisalabad

 :                                    Distance Learning Program  
Class:    MIT                                                                                  
Semester:           1st           
Subject:    ICT                                                                               Course Code:                          
Max. Marks:       100                                                                         Tutor:    Shazia Naheed  

Deadline:  Your assignment must be submitted before or on  10th   January 2016.

Rules for Marking:

It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:
  • The assignment is submitted after the due date.
  • The assignment is copied.

Instructions about the ICT assignment:                

  • All Questions are compulsory.
  • Write your roll no and name on your Assignment.
  • Write just to the point.
  • Understanding of Questions is part of the Assignment.

ICT Assignment No. 1

  1. What is a computer? Write a short note on the history of the computer from start to present.
  2. Describe in brief, how the computer is helpful in our routine work? Provide a real-time example.
  3. What types of computer that will be used in the future? Write short notes on each of the following:
Mainframe, Supercomputer, minicomputer, and workstation.
  1. Explain the Von Neumann Architecture? What are its functional units, describe each in detail.
  2. Define the Binary Number System? Compare it with Decimal, Octal, and Hexadecimal number systems.
  3. Define the following: RAM, ROM, Memory Registers, Memory Sizes, ALU, Control Unit, Processor, Input, and Output Devices.
  4. What is software? Differentiate between System Software and Application Software
  5. Define the Algorithm, differentiate between good and bad algorithms.
  6. Define Boolean Logic, identify the basic logic gates, and describe the behavior of each.
  7. What is the truth table? Describe the table with the help of logical operators.
  8. Define algorithm, what are the differences between an algorithm and a function.
  9. Explain the algorithm, why analysis of the algorithm is important to the development of computational tools?


This was an ICT Assignment example the real one example in Government College university Faislabad in distance learning education. Class MSC Information Technology, Faculty of engineering. This is one of the examples taken from the MSC IT class it was taken from class MSC IT first semester the real example.
It is the ICT Assignment example that was assignment assigned to class MSC IT Section A studying at Government College University Faisalabad this assignment was the first assigned to the class from the instructor given to the class.

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