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Imran khan laptop scheme | Pm laptop scheme | laptop scheme 2021 imran khan


Imran khan laptop scheme | Pm laptop scheme | laptop scheme 2021 Imran khan

People asking a question about Imran khan laptop scheme, laptop scheme 2021 Imran khan will Prime minister Imran khan will give students a scheme of free laptops or not? Will Prime minister launches a great laptop scheme or will finish all previous too?
Imran khan laptop scheme | Pm laptop scheme 2020
Imran khan laptop scheme | Pm laptop scheme 2021

Here are the answers to all these questions about 
laptop scheme 2021 Imran khan

At this time the government of Pakistan is facing a lot of problems like the economy problem, border problem with India especially Kashmir issue, and the government of Pakistan is also facing the problem of political instability, Terrorism from the Indian and Afghan border and many more.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is elected as prime minister for the first time and he doesn’t know what to do at that situation and somehow he is handling very well. But we can see a lack of experience in the Government in handling the things and laptop scheme 2021 Imran khan is not seeing coming in this year.

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Things to remind in our mind about laptop scheme 2021 Imran khan

For the Imran khan laptop scheme, I would like to show you the real face that if you are come here to see Imran khan will give you a laptop, to date, the government of Pakistan has not announced any such news about laptop scheme that they are going to launch the laptop scheme.

laptop scheme 2021 Imran khan will come soon Insha Allah. Even they abolished the old one PriceMinister laptop scheme that was running in the previous 2021 pm laptop scheme Nawaz Sharif laptop scheme.  

When will come laptop scheme 2021 Imran khan?

laptop scheme 2021 Imran khan Pm laptop scheme phase 6 hopefully will announce soon as Imran khan laptop scheme. Nowadays registration is closed you can check http://pmnls.hec.gov.pk ​  this link for status.
Hope fully Imran khan's laptop scheme will announce early and students will be happy to get laptops for free. Pm laptop scheme will be announced whenever the government will settle and feel some relief from other issues and think about the students, and the main reason behind not announcing is that the economic crisis, even Imran khan was told about 1 Billion jobs for the unemployed but they still not provide because of the economic crisis.

Hope for laptop scheme 2021 Imran khan

Hope Imran khan laptop scheme and the jobs 1 Billion will provide this government to Pakistan, No doubt no one can say Imran khan is a corrupt person he is honest everyone knows but the question is this can he deliver and manage? Because it’s not a team it’s a country.
At the end I would like to say that Imran khan laptop scheme 2021 Imran khan will be announced soon as pm laptop scheme 2021 because Imran Khan is doing great work and he will do great things and will provide student's laptops and many more.

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