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Why update wordpress | wordpress update


Why update wordpress | wordpress update

Here I will give you step by step reasons why update wordpress  here are 7 steps that will make you understand why update wordpress.
There is a solid reason behind this question why update wordpress let me give you answer by providing an overview that will give you complete answer what is going on in your mind.
I will show you some points about this question.

why update wordpress | wordpress update
why update wordpress | wordpress update 

1.Update the new version is necessary for to be live

When wordpress new version comes it is recommended that should go to update wordpress newer version so that you can enjoy all the things that are connecting with the newer version of wordpress. For example some plugins will be only compatible with the new version of wordpress and some of the themes will be only compatible with the new version so you should have to update wordpress for enjoying the best results and get the things in your hand.

2 Secure your website from hackers

We secure our website from hackers by updating wordpress themes and plugins, when we update it means this updated theme and plugin have new and updated secured code that will not be in the access of hackers. The old versions of themes and plugins may cause of hacking because they may be hacked so that is why update wordpress.

3 Up to date with new things

When we update wordpress it means we are going to start our new and up-to-date theme and plugins we can enjoy the new functionality in plugins and theme by just click on update theme to updating the theme and if we want to update plugins than just click on the update plugins.

4. New versions always are more secured

As we know the technologies everything new comes and the old one is updated and more secure than the old one same thing is herewith wordpress the newer version is more secure as compared to the old ones and is up to date too.

5. Better things should come

Never feel hesitate to update wordpress because the better things should come and new technology is always better than the old one

6. your one click can save your site

We will just click and update our wordpress sometimes it is like saving your website and securing from the hackers and unauthorized people because they trying to steal your data and your information.

7. Be wise and update wordpress

Just imagine that if someone hacks your website because its easy to hack wordpress website then what will be happened? If your old is gold the mentality will not work then what? No one will remain the iPhone 3 when there is the iPhone version 8 is available in the market. So update and enjoy the new environment.

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