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What is R programming language | What is R language | What is R programming used for


What is R programming language  | What is R language   | What is R programming used for

What is R programming language What is R language What is R programming used for
What is R programming language What is R language What is R programming used for


In the age of 20th century, due to spreading information technology it is necessary to database. In 1976 John Chamber introduced an S language for database and statistical Quarries. After that, it is implanted in the R language. R language is a programing language used to program database software. 
It is released in 1995, and its new version was introduced in 2000. It is used for both programing and statistics. In this article, I will discuss what is R programing? Importance of R-Programing, How to download and install R-programing? Best websites to learn the R language.

What is R-Programing?

It is programing of the R language to create statistical and graphical database managing software.

R Language provides:

  1. linear and nonlinear modeling,
  2. classical statistical tests
  3.  time-series analysis
  4. classification
  5. clustering and graphical techniques
  6.  Highly extensible
  7. machine-learning algorithm


Libraries: Some Libraries R language’s own while most complex libraries are of C and C++. 

Importance of R Language:

It is the most efficient language in this world for data science. R language is used in many Business companies. It is used for Govt purposes, Industrialization, statistics, Machine learning, data analysis. I have a question for you.
Do you know, what is data science? 
Yes, data science is a concern with the database, in each and every industry data science is used for these purposes a preprogramming language helps to maintain database and this language is called R language.

R language is used for Data analysis. The basic function of R language is data analysis. And this analysis was done in the following ways:

  • Program
  • Transform
  • Discover
  • Model
  • Communicate

Why we use R language for Data Science?

If I will discuss data analysis then there many other options for this e.g. Python, Excel and SAS. So now there is a question that why we should be used R language for data analysis rather than other languages?


 If we will discuss Python then it does not provide communication tools.
If we will discuss SAS then it is not a cheap source, because it is not free.
If will discuss Excel then it cannot be used for major business.
In R programing we can form a tabular means tableau chart. It makes it simpler and more effective than other sources. And this data visualization used Artificial intelligence.

Do you know what tidy verse is?

In previous days python and R language are used for data science. R language was the second choice because it was very difficult to understand. 

After the introduction of tidy verse packages; R language has become the first language for data science. It has become easy and simple.

How to download and Install the R language:


            R language:

  1. Click on this link 
  2. Download latest version of language.
  3. Downloading start

R studio:

  1. To run this language on your operating system
  2. Download R studio
  3. To download R studio click on this link 
  4. Basically, Rstudio Is an IDE.
  5. Now download latest version of Rstudio


          R language:

  1. After downloading install R language
  2. Just click on Next, next and next

R studio:

  1. At the end of the downloading install R studio.
  2. Double click on .exe file
  3. Just click on next, next and next.


When both were installed then open R studio, and create a new R script file and start coding.
If you want to learn data science and data analysis programing then these websites are most important for this purpose;

These websites are specially to learn R language:
  1. Datacamp.com
  2. edx.org
  3. hackernoon.com

These are free websites to learn R programing.


This article was only about the introduction of the R language instead of basics. 
In light of the above discussion, we can say that R programing is very important in days of Information technology. R programing is used for Data Analysis, Machine learning algorithms and database software. Due to tidy verse packages, it is the most simple and efficient language for data programing.

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