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Programming vs Coding | Difference between programming and coding


Programming vs Coding | Difference between programming and coding 

Programming vs coding | difference between programming and coding
Programming vs coding | difference between programming and coding 


Most of the time we mix coding and programming. We consider coding and programming is the same term. Actually, there is a huge difference between coding and programming. This is a comparative article it compares programming with coding.  In this article I will explain programming vs coding in the following aspects:
  1. Definition
  2. Importance
  3. Coding is an Initial part of programming
  4. Efficiency
  5. Simplicity
  6. Skills
  7. How both works?
  8. Programming v/s coding with respect to function:
  9. Pair programming

Basic definition:


         Design to syntax (line of code) for a program is called coding.
           Design to program for a specific function or the output is called programming.

Above was the difference between the basic definition of coding and programming.


           Basically coding and programming both are most important for the advanced study of computer.
While according necessity coding is important than programming.
          Programming is the second step after coding. No doubt programming is efficient, it is used from computer window to in jet F17. But it is least important than coding.

Coding as an initial step of

Coding is an initial step for computer programming.  For example: If you are Owner of a company, and you want to implement a rule in the company, so what material is required: a paper, a pen, a Paragraph, and your signature. So let’s consider this paragraph is programming for your computer then each sentence of this paragraph will a code. We can conclude that code is a basic unit of a program.

The efficiency of programming:

Programming is more efficient than coding (Basic Machine coding). Programming deals with a project, while coding does not. According to a calculation there are about 18.5 million peoples are programmer while 21 millions of peoples are coders.


If the discussion is about the simplicity of coding and programming than I think coding is simple than programming. Because in the code you are dealing with only one line while in programming you are dealing with thousands of lines.


 A programmer is a coder while coder cannot be a programmer. Both terms are mutually interlinked with each other. Coding is simple than programming, so it does not require a lot of skills.

How a code and program work:

As we know that program is a group of codes that are arranged in a specific sequence to perform the desired function. That is called a project.
If coding is not true then the program cannot perform a function.
A code may or may not perform any function. But a program gives output always. The fate of the code may be in two phases on IDLE:
  1. Coding
  2. Running

But the program always passes from three phases:
  1. Coding
  2. Running
  3. Giving Output

Program v/s coding with respect to functioning:

As we know that only program gives function. It may be a mini-program (In your computer IDLE) may be a mega program (in Google’s IDLE). In both conditions the program gives output. The program used for function. And for this legendary work of programming, a programmer should be a coder.

Pair programming:

Let’s discuss another example for the conclusion of programming vs coding:
Pair programming: Two programmers work in this type of programming at same IDLE (it is done for megaprojects).
One program functions while others check the codes, is it true or not?


In the end, we conclude that programming and coding are not the same terms. Designing of syntax is coding while designing of function is called programming. Coding is more important than programming. Acutely coding is an initial part of programming, programming is used for mega projects on the other hand coding is used for this programming. For example in pair programming:  A coder and a program work together. As if we can say that programming is difficult than coding, because coding may deal with only one language while programming always deals with more than one languages.

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