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Programing | what is programming


Programing  | what is programming

Introduction to computer programming:

Programming | what is programming
Programming | what is programming 

Do you know? Each and every process of nature is based on programming.  Nature sets a program behind any event. It’s an IT article so let’s discuss computer programming. “To design a program is called programming”, now question is that what is a program?  In computer program is a set of codes that perform a specific function. In this article I will discuss about, what is programming, Importance of programing, How programs work?, Top five programming languages, Basics of python, Basics of PHP, basics of html, basics of CSS, How to learn programing?, First programing language and best websites to learn programing. In this article I focused only on programing rather than complete software engineering.

What is programing?

Can you communicate with computer? If your answer is no then you are wrong. You can communicate with computer, But a specific language is required and that language is called programming language. We was discussed in introductory paragraph that “To set a program is called programming”. Let’s consider you to want a welcome message when you On your computer or a good bye message (just like your wife) when you shut down your computer. Is it possible? Yes it is possible. You just know that How to talk with computer (programming language), then you will design a program, and run that program. And your computer will read codes and return an output. So we can say that programming is a way to perform any function from computer.

Uses of programming languages:

Programing is used from simple window system to F17 jets. It is used from basic single program to program of million or trillions lines program. All computer system is based on programing. The basic of whole IT is programing. The person who design program is called programmer. I think a programmer should be in every field of life or profession.

Understanding computer coding:

This is understandable that computer cannot read human communicating language. Programing based on basic computer coding, (Binary coding, hexadecimal coding etc.)
So there are four phase behind all of this process of programing.
           Basic coding
  1. ·         Coding
  2. ·         Running
  3. ·         Executing

Basic coding:

It is basiccoding to install a specific programing language to your system. It may bebinary coding, octal coding, hexadecimal coding or decimal coding.

  • Coding:

A programing language is installed in your computer after basic coding. Now this is a time to write a code in programing language.

  • Running:

Running is a step to check your code, is it true or wrong? In this step computer read your code.

  • Executing:

It is the output of your code.

Let’s discuss these four steps with an example

You are writing a letter to your father for some money.
Then the language “English”(that is used)  is basic coding that is same in your or your father’s mind.
Then the second step is paragraph writing.
That paragraph is a program
Sentence of that paragraph will codes.
When you are writing a paragraph then this step is coding
When your father read that letter then this is running
And when he will give you extra money then that will execute (output).

Top five programing languages:

There are about more than 500 programing languages. But most famous are ten. Top ten programing languages are given below:
·         Python
·         C++
·         PHP
·         Java Script
·         Java
·         Swift
·         C#
·         Go
·         Typescript
·         Ruby on Rails
·         C
These are most important languages that are used in programing.

Basics of web programing languages:

First of all I will discuss about the history of HTML, CSS and PHP

The PHP is used with HTML and CSS the most important tools for web designing. HTML is used as user interference on the website. AndCSS is used as stylish sheet for HTML web pages. And PHP is used for functional programing in web development.

“Hypertextmarkup language” (HTML), It was 1980 when Berners-Lee on a contract with CERN, He gave a prototype of a system to share documents. In and in 1889 he purposed internet based hypertext system. Later on Burners- lee specified HTML.
It is interesting that the founders of the HTML and CSS were Friends and working in the CERN.Yes he was Hakon wium Lie ….. It was 10 October when He purposed a Language SGML , and CSS as stylish sheet for its web page.
In 1994 Resumes Lerdorf purposed Personal Home page (PHP).

First programing language to learn:

If you want to learn programing then Python should be first language. It is very simple than other languages. You can also go for C or C++ for first programming language tolearn.


The result of above discussion is that: programing is most important part of any function in computer. There are many programing languages but above ten are most famous languages, programing has three phases:
1.      Coding
2.      Running
3.      Executing
Python should be first programing language. It is very simple than other languages.
If you want to learn programing than following websites are free for you:

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