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What is HTML | A brief introduction to HTML | why learn HTML


What is HTML  | A brief introduction to HTML | why learn HTML  

What is HTML
What is HTML

  • Introduction to HTML

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language that is used for building the web pages. It can complete building static webpages in websites. 
Html is a scripting language that converts text into webpages according to given instructions, a complete layout of a website is written in HTML. HTML uses the Cascading style sheets or javascript to make an interactive and eye-catching view of the web pages  
 HTML is a basic of website development because every website developer will learn the first HTML then he can understand the website development strategy. We can say HTML is the first step to start your website career.
  • Different versions of HTML

HTML introduced himself in 1991 and HTML2.0 comes into the market in 1995 HTML3.2 comes after two years in 1997 after two years HTML 4.01 comes into the market in 1999 and in 2000 the XHTML version comes after one a year and finally, HTML5 comes in 2014 that is considers the latest version of HTML it has a lot of built-in functionality that was never in HTML
  • Where to learn HTML?
HTML can understand by a lot of platforms like go to Google and type Code Program  and go to HTML tutorials Clink Here to learn for free its free all courses are fully free or go to  w3schools and some are paid courses for example udemy etc.
HTML can use for building websites and web Applications etc. All the websites on the internet are build with HTML and their different versions.
Learn from here

  1. HTML Tutorials 
  2. WordPress Tutorials 
  • HTML Elements and Functions

HTML has some of their tags and elements, different tags have different functionality that performs different works.  Tags have two different tags opening tags and closing tags every function have one tag that is divided into an opening tag to closing tag, from opening to closing tag you can put the all functionality in between the tags.
  • Opening and Closing tags

Opening and closing tags of HTML have a bit different for example <p> is an opening tag of a paragraph and </p> is a closing tag of HTML the text between these two tags will be a paragraph
 For example
<p> How to learn HTML from codeprograme.com? Is this a good website to learn programing? </p>
These will give you result as
How to learn HTML from codeprograme.com? Is this a good website to learn programing?
  • How to save HTML file
HTML file is saved as .html pronounced as dot HTML file. The saved file will be open in the browser and shows as a web page file.
  • Easy to understand language
HTML is easy to understand because it has English like words that can easily understand by a beginner.
HTML tags are easy to understand and can remember in an easy way so if you decide to learn HTML then just you have to make your mind for it. It will be easy and a lot of ways to go to learn.
  • Environment to learn HTML
The platform for practice is just you should have your system/PC or laptop Just install Note Pad + +
Notepad + + is the best thing to take start with HTML, you can test your website page with a browser, whatever is written on HTML file will open and show you the results in a web browser, for example, Google Chrome  Mozilla Firefox  Opera, etc.

Learn from here

Final words 

HTML is easy to understand and if you want to learn website development it is the first step to take and then go with website development.

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